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A plethora of buscapades, a quartet of affirmations, and a smörgåsbord of religions to chose from...

~Monday~  The bus driver this morning was Wrong Way Willie—I just now named him although he earned his name two weeks ago. Madonna and Genetically-Beautiful Daughter got off at the stop after I got on, and Sophia's hair was not tied up, which always makes her look precociously old, reminding me of Donna Summer's hair in the "big hair" disco era.

Interestingly enough, today at the ill-fated intersection of two weeks ago, although he was in the correct lane, Wrong Way Willie had a piece of paper that he looked at that I think had directions on it.

I guess Wrong Way wanted to be in control of everything this morning, because he had a fare card stuck in the vertical slot and pointed to the horizontal scanner to encourage me to use that reader instead. Three things are fortunate for him:

  1. That's the reader I've come to use most of the time now anyway.

  2. I wasn't in the mood to make or prove a point.

  3. I'm practicing being nice over being right these days.

And finally, Wrong Way was in a horn-blowing mood this morning, which manifested itself in blowing it at a car coming out of the Section 8 housing area and again just before My Three Sons' stop. In the first instance, I at first thought he was blowing it at a car pulling out of the parking lot because he thought it was going to pull over into his lane, but afterwards I wondered if he was blowing it because he knew the person. In the second instance, he blew it at a landscaping truck that was parked right before the bus stop, and (I think) because he wanted to make sure no one in the truck opened their door as he was pulling up beside it. Although it could have been because he was annoyed that they were parked so close to the stop.

Library Man was on board this morning and doing guess what! Correct. Reading! He started off with his nose in the News & Observer, but the next time I looked at him, he'd moved on to a magazine. It wasn't one of those flimsy things he'd been reading on Friday, but something related to his trade. I got slightly annoyed at him (which I completely realize is utterly irrational) for keeping the page at such an angle that I really had to strain my neck to read the title of the article he was reading, "Safe Software FME Desktop Translators/Converters." ZZZZZzzzzzzz....

Diarrhea of the Mouth was on board this morning, and I heard her from hello today instead of her springing up out of the blue like she's been doing lately. She was spewing logorrhea (you knew I was going to work that in somehow) of which I only caught snippets: "WHEN YOU GET OUT OF JAIL AND GO BACK TO THE SAME STREET CORNER WHERE YOU KNOW THE POLICE GO, WELL, THAT'S A THUG. OR YOU STAY AT A HOUSE WHERE IT'S IN AND OUT, IN AND OUT, IN AND OUT, IN AND OUT (yes, she said it at least that many times), YOU KNOW THEY'S DRUGS GOIN' ON THERE—OR SOMETHING ELSE—YOU A THUG."

Once Li'l Dino boarded and went straight to the back—I think she does that for the entertainment value now—Diarrhea of the Mouth changed the subject: "I GOT A TURKEY I'M GONE BASTE. WELL, IT'S TURKEY WINGS." I had just put my little notepad away thinking, "I have enough material for today," but her stuff is just so rich that I took it back out to capture that last bit.

We passed the McKimmon Center stop, where the Doublemint Duplicates (new name alert) were trying to minimize their mirror-ness by sporting different color umbrellas—one black and one red. They didn't fool me, though; I still couldn't tell them apart.

I wanted to capture a few affirmations from the last couple of days from various sources:

  1. Regarding asking Etta's deceased drag queen friend's name so we could toast him later in the evening, "Dr. J, [His name was] Bobbi. You are a wonder, Dr. J."

  2. Regarding our outing to the drag show on Friday, from Sarah, "Had great time last night with everyone. Thanks to John for being so protective of us all. :-)"

  3. Regarding Robert's and my attendance at my sister's ceremony this weekend, "Hello brother—thanks so much for coming this weekend—I am so blessed to be loved by you and Robert!"

  4. A comment on my blog entry about Salon's outing to Legends, "Thanks to you—and our fellow salonist(a)s—for expanding my horizons in surprising and outrageous directions. Love you. Love your blog. Anna"

Sent by a friend:

With attribution to: http://www.holytaco.com/

Love it!

I purposely wore my ear buds on the way home and listened to a podcast, so I wouldn't be drawn into any potential buscapades. I believe I well-achieved my quota this morning.

I zipped over to the gym before I could talk myself out of it, where I did 30 minutes on the treadmill burning off 225 calories. I listened to a This American Life podcast that I enjoyed, but wasn't ecstatic over like I usually am. Aren't you glad?

I heated up that second Filet Mignon in the microwave, cooking it for two minutes this time, and it turned out perfectly. I had a repeat baked potato performance, too—with a different potato, of course.

Before hitting the sack, I made a run to my office to avoid carrying all these things on the bus in the morning:
  • Two 12-packs of Diet Coke
  • A serving tray
  • Two containers of Harry & David Cream Cheese Dip
  • A bag of Tostitos Bite-Sized Rounds
  • A bag of pretzels
  • My latptop bag
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