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A family of 7 on the bus, tweeting for the university, and a fun night of dancing...

~Wednesday~  I caught the city bus a half hour earlier than the one I regularly catch. I took a seat behind a family of seven, which by far is the biggest family I've seen together on the bus to date. It consisted of four girls, one boy, and the parents. I watched the interaction between the brother and sisters, between the kids and mom, and the kids and dad, and it was all only what I could describe as delightful.

I did wonder a couple of things about them: 1) Where were they heading? and 2) Do they have a car? The bus seems like a pretty precarious way to move a family of that size around on a regular basis.

I participated, along with two colleagues, in teaching a class called "Tweeting for the University." We have a lot of organizations tweeting on behalf of various organizations at NC State, as evidenced in this NCSU twitter feed aggregator, and a lot of people really aren't tweeting "thoughtfully," or readily admit they don't really know what they should be tweeting. There is also a contingency of folks whose management would like them to tweet, but they have no idea what Twitter's all about or how to use it.

So, with a varied audience of about 25 folks, we presented 111 slides in two hours and we did them in the format of tweets. The presentation made it to the front page of slideshare.net, which is very cool. And the two comments there from people who weren't in the class are affirming.

One web communications manager who was in the class gave us this feedback: "Tim, John, and you [Jason] gave a great demonstration. I want to thank you for changing my mind about Twitter. I went into the meeting with a personal bias against it, but left as a proponent. I'm now very excited about Twitter and look forward to using it effectively thanks to your presentation."


Dancing was a lot of fun tonight. We had a bunch of dancers there, and there were a decent number of bar patrons there as well. We did not work on the Indy crossword puzzle tonight, but only because the new edition (which comes out today) wasn't in the rack at the entrance. Seems fishy to me.

I did the two-step with Michael, Rob (photogrob), Rick, Joe, and Rob (the Costello's singer).
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