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From nabs to a paintbrush, a marijuana leaf, Wasabi peas, and some trivia...

~Tuesday~  I caught an early city bus this morning, the 6:45. In addition to my laptop bag and my soft-sided brief case, I was carrying a huge Tupperware cake container this morning, which was filled with two dozen pimento cheese sandwiches on mini torpedo rolls.

When I boarded, there was a man sitting in the front, center-facing seat closest to the bus driver and he conversed on and off with him. He had white paint all over his clothes, which involved a lot of denim, and there was what I thought was a pack of Nabs sticking so far out of the front left pocket of his pants that I thought it was going to fall out. After some wiggling around, it inched out a little more, to the point that I then thought it was some kind of flat beef-jerky type thing. Eventually, it stuck out so far that I could see that it was a new paint brush, still in its wrapper. D'oh.

A man got on at a subsequent stop and it looked he had a marijuana leaf etched into the side of his tennis shoe. As he got closer, I realized that it was a real, wet, tree leaf stuck to his shoe.

Surprisingly, a couple of "blasts from the past" boarded en route today, one being the little girl with the purse on her extended arm and her adorable little brother, both of whom walk down the aisle looking for a seat while their mother drops in the fare. So cute!

Pink Backpack Lady got on whom I recognized in spite of having switched over to a black and white shoulder bag. (You're not fooling anyone lady!) She took the seat in front of me and was reading a thick-assed book, one which could rival the 817-page tome that is Anna Karenina, but I couldn't see its title. I did, however, note that she had black fingernail polish on with which to turn the hundreds of pages.

On or about the stop before the man sitting to my right and across the aisle got off, the bus driver looked at him in the rear view mirror and suddenly said, "I didn't recognize you!"

To which the man replied, "Yeah, I ain't been drunk for two years."

"You look great, man," the driver said.

"Thanks, man. Yeah, I done had my share of rough. Don't need that no more."

I forgot to mention yesterday, that I heard my first Christmas song on the radio. I know others have heard them even earlier, but it still jarred me. It was on Mix 101.5, during John Tesh's show, which THANK GOD has replaced DefuckingLilah. You know you're sappy when gay men think you're sappy. I'm just saying...

A had a day of meetings today—our weekly department meeting from 9:00-10:00, which I actually led since I sat in for my boss in yesterday's managers' meeting and she usually uses this meeting to disseminate information from that one.

Immediately following that I attended the department meeting of one of my sister departments for whom I'm their "beat reporter." It was interesting to see the difference in the way that manager relates the information from that same managers' meeting to the people in her department.

From 3:00-4:00, we had a "Fall Gathering" of our organization (of about 300 people), which I'd guestimate about less than a third of the people showed up for. Some good food was had by all, and my favorite "new" thing that I tried was:

Jen gave me a ride home, which I was grateful for.

I received a call from Alex twisting my arm to join him and Bill over at Legends at 9:30 for Trivia, and as tired as I was I agreed to it. To that end, I followed that agreement up with a two-hour nap.

Trivia was fun, and let's see if I can remember the categories of the five rounds:

  1. Pop Diva Facts
  2. No Shit or Bullshit
  3. Sex
  4. Fact or Crap
  5. [can't remember]
Two things that stand out as memorable:

  1. Fact: The clitoris has more nerve endings than the penis. (Clit: 8000, Penis: 4000)
  2. 2 is the lowest prime number, not 1 [Although I would argue that one is the loneliest number.]
That finished at just before 11:00, and we stayed for the drag show, which tonight consisted of Mary K. Mart, Staci Collins (who performs as QueerDonna over at Flex), Kirby Kolby, and Victoria Porkchop Parker. Fun show.
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