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Three "ladies" named Ida, uneventful work, cowboy up, and TO-DOs done...

~Thursday~  Another dreary day in Raleigh, NC as the cold, wind, and rain continued—purportedly a lingering association with Hurricane Ida. The name Ida always reminds me of a couple of my favorite drag queen names: Ida Slapter and Ida Bitchacockoff. However in this case I'm leaning toward: Ida Thoughtyoudbegonebynow.

Just for shits and giggles, before heading out to the bus I once again combed through my laptop bag and my soft-sided briefcase looking for my small Totes umbrella after checking my car twice (back seat and trunk) and everywhere else in my house one more time. I must have left that damn thing while out somewhere. I hate lugging that golf umbrella around.

The bus ride was uneventful and hardly memorable with the exception of one very tall, good-looking, African-American guy boarding with a black leather cowboy hat on, who stood out in my memory for some queer reason.

First thing at work this morning, I finished that edit job for my boss that I started on just before leaving yesterday.

Most of the rest of my morning was spent working on blurbs for the monthly edition of OIT News, which goes out "mid-month."

I had two meetings in the afternoon, one our weekly department working meeting, which was cut to 60 minutes from 90 and in which the three of us worked on feedback on an incident-reporting communications plan.

The second meeting was with a committee organizing our upcoming holiday party.

I worked until 6:00, and waited just a little longer than I would have preferred to for the 6:00 bus. Since the cold and the rain is supposed to continue for one more day, or at least half of one more day, I'm definitely going to wear long pants to work tomorrow.

The bus was crowded, and the only person I "knew" was the black cowboy from this morning. Seems like we're on the same schedule today. I thought about Waffle House Lady and Waffle House Man, neither of whom I've seen in a while.

As an aside, passing the Waffle House each day on the way home, I always marvel at the huge banner across the windows that says, "14 meals under $5.00."

At home, I took care of several things this evening:

  1. Activated my new Mastercard, which was replaced due to suspected fraudulent use, but which I don't plan to use any more only keeping it active until its renewal date and while I use up the frequent flyer airmiles I have associated with it

  2. Accessed my online Merck-Medco prescription plan account to pay for my recent meds delivery, which amounted to a 66% savings (love that!)

  3. Stored my pin for my new CFCU ATM/debit card around which I had all that drama recently, and which I don't plan to ever use again now that I can electronically transfer money on the Web from the SECU to the CFCU

  4. Created next Monday's Manbites Dog board meeting agenda and sent it out, as well as sending a note to our anticipated guest presenter to confirm her availability for the meeting

  5. Devised Wednesday's blog entry; I've got to catch up; not loving the lag situation I'm in at the moment

  6. Played a little online Scrabble with Robert, which has become great fun, a lot of it being around naming the games :-)

  7. Called my sister for her birthday, but got her voice mail, so left a message

  8. Joined a Facebook group created by one of our Alternative Spring Break kids, which also involved changing some of my privacy settings on Facebook
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