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Life is good, kə mē′dik, #EasilyAttributableLines, ASB group meeting...

~Sunday~  I got up around 10:30 today and tweeted this shortly thereafter:

Writing. Listening to Brahms Piano Concerto #2. Having coffee. Happy Sunday. #LifeIsGood

I looked up how to pronounce the word "comedic," wondering if it was co-'med-ic or co-'mēd-ic. This entry at yourdictionary.com cleared it right up for me:

Comedic: co·medic (kə mē′dik)


I just love how Click & Clack on Car Talk make their station identifications, and I've taken to making up my own every now and again. Even if you don't listen to them, you should be able to get the "gist" of how they do it by reading mine:

  1. Even though marble statues cringe when they hear us say it, this is National Public Radio.

  2. Though all the frogs on the pond croak at once when they hear us say it, this is National Public Radio.

We had an Alternate Spring Break Gulf Coast group meeting tonight, where I met most of the kids going on the trip. A few were absent, and one person had dropped out.

I showed the website to the kids and though the reaction was underwhelming, by the end of the meeting they did all agree that it's a good thing and that we should use it.

We watched a National Geographic video of Katrina, and then played a team-building game of Pipeline, after which we reflected on lessons learned in the game and applications to real-life scenarios with regards to it.

We spent the remainder—and the majority—of the meeting receiving updates on the various fundraising activities research the group did since last meeting, and we planned a couple of tentative dates for some of them that sound viable.

Back at home, I created a Gmail account for the trip, moved the website from my personal Gmail account over to it, created a Google calendar for that account, and moved all of the items from the "Meeting" page to the calendar, as well as adding in the tentative events and dates that we discussed at the meeting.

I also shared the Gmail account ownership with Mark, who during the meeting volunteered to be a co-webmaster in maintaining the website. The group confirmed interest in having a group blog as part of our site, of creating a directory of their names, as well as creating an area for photos.

Yay, it's taking on a life of its ownorganically driven by the group.
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