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A trip to Trader Joe's, haircuts with bed-head, your sign of the time, & gypsies, tramps, & thieves

~Saturday~  An early morning e-mail check found this affirmation from Tierza, the other co-advisor for our Alternate Spring Break trip, who had finally seen the website that I put together for our group:

The website is amazing ... Jackie - you should send it out to other team leaders as an idea (if they have the time) ... will be a great tool for our participants as well as their families.

I took a ride over to the recently-opened Trader Joe's just off the beltline Wake Forest Road exit. As expected, it was teeming with folks. I got there at about 12:20, and never did find my friend Bill who works there, and who—I thought—was working until 1:00 today.

However, I had a good time people-watching while walking around the place several times—it's not that big of a place. The first vignette is from a couple who looked (and acted) like they'd been married forever, and not necessarily because they wanted to be (probably staying together "for the kids" who have long ago left the nest—I know I sure would have if they were my parents):

Grumpy man, nasty toned: "WELL WHERE IS IT?"

Wife: "This is my first time in this store! Don't get mad at me for not knowing where stuff is."

The other vignette was from the very, very bubbly lady who was giving away free samples.

Lady serving free chili samples: THERE'S SOME FOR EVERYBODY! HOT CHILI FOR A COLD DAY!

Man walking up: Actually, it's not cold outside today.

Saleslady, undeterred: Well, I need a new line then! Help me out with a new line, people! (Everything she said had an exclamation point after it, and probably was in all caps, TRUTH BE TOLD.)

From the crowd: Say, "for a Fall day."

Saleslady, louder now and even more animated, to new people coming by: THERE'S SOME FOR EVERYBODY! HOT CHILI FOR A FALL DAY!

I took a twirl around the store and as I came back around the produce area near where she was, I heard her again, "THERE'S SOME FOR EVERYBODY! HOT CHILI FOR A FALL DAY!" She seemed very pleased about her new-found, accurate information.

I got a haircut this afternoon. I like the girl who cut it today; she was nice, but a little bit reluctantly so. Sort of like, "Welcome to Great Clips where we're nice, but we don't go crazy about it." Speaking of "Welcome to Great Clips," every time someone came in the door all four of the stylists yelled, "Welcome to Great Clips." I think that's just a little overkill. It seems to me that sincerity dissipates in a chorus. But I digress...

Two guys came in after me, so I only saw them in the mirror, but they both had what I would call "big, unruly hair," for two reasons: 1) It was probably 5-6 inches long, and 2) It was sticking up all over the place. The one stylist I could still see while she was working spent the first several minutes squirting the guy's hair with a water bottle and yanking a comb through the mess just to get it to the point where she could start cutting it.

Who doesn't at least run a comb through their hair before coming to get a haircut? I don't understand. Have some self-respect.

I stopped at the Food Lion on the way home, where my main purchase was soft drinks and some Sun Bird Mongolian Beef Mix. At home I concocted a "mixed ethnicity" dinner with a base of tortilla chips with some cold nacho cheese plopped here and there over them, on top of which I put hot-out-of-the-pan Mongolian Beef with grilled onion and red and green peppers added to it.

It was pretty tasty, although my mouth and mind could resolve it as neither Asianexican nor Mexicasian. Discuss.

Speaking of not understanding things, or only being able to see things from your own worldview (which I'm admitting might be the case with regards to my not understanding how someone could go to a salon for a haircut without at least first running a comb through their hair), I had this exchange yesterday with someone on Twitter:

Her tweet: Why is it that so many men choose not to display their sign on Match.com? They reveal all this other stuff, but that's too personal?

My tweet: Maybe because they don't "believe" in them? To me, personally, I can think of few things less relevant to my life than my sign.

Her tweet: I guess. I don't live by them but many people I've gotten on best w/ tend 2 be 1 of 2 signs, so I'll take a 2nd look if I see that.

My tweet: Cool. I wasn't making a value judgment about people who do. Just sharing with you why someone might not put it in their profile. It's not 'cause it's "too personal."

Dancing was pretty poorly attended, by dancers at least, with only me, Carl, and Bill in terms of the "regular" dancers. Phil and Joe came, too, and they are slowly picking up a dance here and there, so that's good.

After the dancing, there was some sort of model there who has created a calendar with a cowboy and Indian theme to it, and he walked around (pedaling copies of it) in some tight little panties that no "real" cowboy would ever wear ("Would you look at the size of that belt buckle?")—again, not that any real cowboy would ever wear a belt buckle that big—or at all—if they only had on their underwear. But I bitchily digress...

Oh boy. I just did a Google search to see if I could find that calendar, and I found the MySpace.com site about it. I'm just not going to comment about it. If you don't have anything nice to say, sit next to me.

Okay, I am going to comment about it. (As if...) I find the juxtaposition of these two sentiments a little hard to resolve from the commentary down the left side of the web page:

(1) "While we both appreciate being appreciated, please keep in mind that we are a committed couple. Unsolicited offers of graphic sex are not welcome and are, frankly, rude. I know that in these times 'Gay Marriages' are not respected by many people. Markhollan and I respect our relationship and ask that you do the same."

(2) To the: "The 2010 Playing Cowboys & Indians Calendar will be available in two versions. The first is the standard version which will sell for $14.99 USD. The Second is our Top Shelf Version which includes 3 signed 8x12 "Private Stock" prints! The Top Shelf Edition will sell for $64.99 (Top Shelf editions will be limited to 500 sales.)" Hurry now, y'all!

I'm guessing those "private stock" photos are the ones that "respect their relationship" and about which graphic sexual comments or offers are not acceptable. And last, but not at all least, lest there's any doubt, these boys are making a killing on this venture, as they list their income (as part of their personal stats, as most people do—NOT!) as "Between $100,000 and $150,000.

Okay, I'm done now. Have a blessed day.
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