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Mr. Wiggles; identical twins; hoop earrings & wires; Sadlacks; & dancing...

~Wednesday~  The bus this morning brought us Madonna and Genetically-Beautiful Daughter in the front of the long center-facing seat on the right side of the bus, and passing them to choose my seat, I heard Sophia ask her mother, "But what about Mr. Wiggles?"

Approaching the second or third stop after mine, I saw a hot—but what turned out to be a "50-footer"—standing ahead at the stop. 50 feet closer and in focus, he was nawt hawt.

Li'l Dino got on at her usual stop, took a seat just a little too close to me, and said, "Hello," as she sat down. I was in the first front facing seat, and she was all the way to the left of the center facing seat front of me, which essentially put the side of her face to the front of mine. It was uncomfortable enough to be sitting that close without talking that I got out my book, and looked at it instead of into her ear canal.

We passed very slowly by the McKimmon Center stop, at which a bunch of students waited for the Wolfline bus. I saw two guys standing right next to each other, both with sweat jackets on, both with stocking hats on, and after looking back from one of their faces to the other and back again and back yet again, I confirmed that they were identical twins.

I could immediately see them pulling off this prank, in a men's room, of course:

At the Gorman and Sullivan intersection stop, a +++-sized man got on with a shirt that was like a moo moo, and pants whose legs had to be at least 1.5-feet wide (I'm not kidding). He stopped to take the seat behind me, and while he did whatever he was doing before taking a seat, his hips rub against my shoulder, and he pulled hard on the back of my seat as he slid himself in the seat behind me.

A girl in the seat across the aisle and one seat up from mine was listening to ear buds with huge hoop earrings on, and looking at her I wondered which one, if any, of these would be the ideal arrangement:

  1. The ear bud wire under the hoop and into her ear

  2. The ear bud wire over the hoop and into her hear

  3. The ear bud wire through the hoop and in her ear

She was sporting look #1.

I met my friend Susan Katz at Sadlack Heroes for lunch, where David talked us both into trying the Turkey Burger, which had between cranberries and cranberry sauce (sort of like a jam consistency, I'd say) on it. It was pretty darn good, and much healthier I'm sure than what I normally would have chosen. However, I did get an order of fries with it.

We had great conversation, as always, and the hour flew by.

I had planned on getting a haircut after work, but by the time I got home at a little after 5:30, and with a commitment to meet Joe at Helios at 7:30, I just didn't feel like being rushed by trying to squeeze that in. A haircut always implies a shower afterwards. Plus, I had to eat dinner during that time.

I got to Helios at just a little before 7:30 and was annoyed by several things there at once that made me seriously think about other places we could meet the next time. Annoyances:

  1. Once again, the parking sucked there. I had to park totally out of the Helios parking area, up on Boylan Avenue.

  2. I had to clear a table that had a newspaper strewn over it and a used coffee cup, and then borrow a chair from another table for Joe.

  3. No visible outlet was available, and none was found even after looking way up under the seats to see if anyone, or a power strip, was anywhere near close. News flash: Everyone needs power now for a gazillion gadgets. It's beyond me how this wasn't better addressed when they did the remodeling in there this past year.

  4. I got cold and would have slipped out to my car to get my jacket if it wasn't parked a mile away.

Okay. That's enough things to bitch about.

Joe and I discussed our between Christmas and New Year vacation, which is the reason we had decided to meet, as the time is quickly approaching and we need to firm up some reservations. We have been leaning toward New Orleans, but in the end decided to bag the whole thing and just hang out here. We may take some kind of road trip during that week if the urge strikes us.

Dancing was surprisingly fun tonight. We were banned from doing a crossword puzzle, so we didn't. Actually, I'm sure if any of us wanted to badly enough we would have, but it was fine not doing it.

There was a decent crowd out tonight including Ernie, Wayne, Ernie and Wayne's friend Michael, Joe (Judge), Rick, Carl, Bill, Geromy, Steven, Joe, Phil, Steve H., his friend Rob, and my friend Joe.

Rick made me laugh at one point by noting that he would like to meet Grumpy Boy and My Three Sons (though I believe he referred to him as "the daddy") some day, neither of whom made appearances today or for several days for that matter.

Carl reviewed Good Time yet again for the lesson, which I again passed on. Still don't care for that dance.

I danced several two steps in both capacities: leading Joe Trostel, following Joe Judge, following Bill, and leading Rick two-thirds of a song and following him (with a mid-dance switch) the last third.

Joe and I went over to The Borough for a late-night snack. I got the Uberwisconsin, which was delicious. There were quite a few people in there for that late mid-week, and one group in particular was quite rowdy. Most of the whooping and hollering came about when a guy, who used to be a girl, sat on the lap of a girl (who presumably has always been a girl) and basically rode her.
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