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Paying it forward & back, Rhonda's birthday, a URL for Pen Island, Hump5 winners, & creative spam...

~Tuesday~  Library Man was on the bus this morning, and as always, was reading a magazine. I took the seat behind him, and you know I peered over the seat to see what he was reading—PC World magazine an article called, "Why you should use sleep mode every day."

Sci-Fi Fantasy Man was also on board today reading, with ear buds in, and wearing shades. I looked a little closer as he departed the bus, because it looked like they may have been the type of prescription glasses that tint in the sun, those that typically don't work inside, though. Either way, they were slightly tinted for whatever reason.

The bus was the most crowded this morning than I think I've ever seen it. One lady got on, came up with what sounded like one quarter short, and the bus driver actually covered for her. At the next stop, the patron walked back up to the front and gave her a quarter, which I guess she found at the bottom of her purse.

My work day started off with a 9:00-10:00 meeting, which started at about 9:20, because my boss, Jude, was upstairs clandestinely getting things set up for my officemate's birthday, which we were going to celebrate as soon as our meeting was over and we went back upstairs.

Jude got a most delicious carrot cake (the same one she got for my birthday from Whole Foods, and by request), as well as a most delicious cherry danish. She and I gave Rhonda a card and a 5-piece set of popcorn bowls—four small bowls and one large serving bowl.

I know of the website with the unfortunate choices for URLs, such as www.penisland.net - Looking for a pen? Look no further than Pen Island. I was reminded of that website and those kind of URLs this weekend when I heard the guys on Car Talk so carefully annunciating this one several times: sit4less.com. Say it fast three times yourself to see what happens.

It's always most interesting to me when studies suggest or prove something that is counter-intuitive, such as this one: Research shows chronically ill might be happier if they gave up hope. Interesting!

I got an e-mail from my friend Kevin (av8rdude), who I visited in Seattle, pointing me to the winners of the Amateur Porn Festival that we attended while I was out there:

I voted for "Beyond Gay" as the funniest film. It was just hysterical, and probably the only film in which no nudity was actually shown. I know a couple of people didn't vote for it for that very reason. However, it was hilarious!

Neither of those three were my vote for sexiest, but of those three, I'd have to go with the Trolley Tryst, which was the one with the straight couple having sex on the city's public trolley system (SLUT = South Lake Union Trolley), and getting caught by the police at the very end of the film The guy in it was quite the hottie, and he had a nice "personality."

My friend Jake, who's a photo fanatic along with his girl Abby, snapped this pic of me at Hugh and Renee's wedding a couple of weekends ago:

It looks like the spammers have been taking creative writing classes. Look at the difference in e-mail subject lines:

Grow & Thicken Your PenisHave a concrete thing in pants
Helping Men With Low Sex DrivesBe her in-out champion

I stayed late at work tonight and started a website for our Alternative Spring Break trip. I hope to have it ready to "demo" at our meeting coming up on Sunday.

I left work late enough—on the last bus at 10:13, which was surprisingly crowded—to leave my laptop at work, since taking it home just to sit on my kitchen table tonight and carry back in the morning seemed senseless.
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