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A new search feature, Hugh & Renee's wedding, some entertaining piano, and a late night snack...

~Saturday~  Evidently LiveJournal has introduced a search tool. Thank goodness! Not having one has long been one of the very few things that I don't like about LJ. I'm not quite sure why I didn't see an announcement on it; I found out via an e-mail from my friend Casey (cpeel):

 Howdy John,

You'll be happy (well, at least interested ;) to know that on the new LiveJournal search tool, a search for 'buscapade' has you coming up at the very top :)



That—what looks like now defunct—community called Buscapades caught my attention. It was started in 2003, and only had two entries. From the description of the community, it looks like it was somehow related to ice, like the Ice Capades, which makes sense, though, I'm not sure I can envision an actual bus in an ice rink. Which could be why it's a defunct community.

I attended Hugh and Renee's wedding today, which was just a delightful affair. It's always nice to attend weddings where you believe, "If any two can have a successful, happy marriage, it's these two." (And believe me, I've been to several in which this was not the thought I had.)

My boss's boss, Stan, was there, and Twitter friends: @kitch, @abbyladybug, @glowbird, @billkcummings, and @chadkmiller. There were also a couple of people there whom I'd met at Hugh's birthday gathering at Red, Hot, & Blue back in June.

The minister/pastor/preacher (not sure what she goes by) was a very bubbly person, and she and her husband hosted the reception at their home, which was beautiful. The spread included: various varieties of cheeses with various varieties of crackers; a beautifully presented array of vegetables, which included, mushrooms, broccoli, carrots, celery, and black olives with a ranch vegetable dip; killer meatballs; asparagus sprigs wrapped in sliced ham; a variety of those little pinwheel sandwiches, and some quiche. Everything was absolutely delicious.

Oh yeah, and then there was a choice of three cakes—the wedding sheet cake, a red velvet cake, and a chocolate cake. I was tempted to have "one of each," but limited myself to one slice of the red velvet, which I love.

The owners of the home, who have four kids, have a wall area in their kitchen, which is a chalkboard from floor to ceiling. I thought that was so cool, and lots of people had written wedding wishes or words of wisdom about marriage. Way up tall, I drew a line about two feet long around which I wrote, "You must be this tall to ride the marriage ride."

I took a two-hour nap when I got home, knowing full well that I should have gone to the gym instead.

I met Joe at CCs at a little after 10:00, where it was absolutely dead with about a dozen people in the place. On a Saturday night! Tragic.

We went into the Piano Lounge, which is the reason we went there, and there were maybe 8 or 10 people in it. There were guest performers, Stacy and Coty, and they were a refreshing change from the usual fare there. They didn't have the greatest voices, but they were very entertaining and engaging with the crowd.

During one song about how sexy being bald is, however, Stacy did break one of the biggest rules with regards to gay men—she ran her fingers through the hair of two guys! I have two words for her, "Products, girl!"

At one point, the size of the crowd about doubled when a group of girls (real girls) came in who were out for the night as part of a bachelorette party. However, two of the girls of the group of 7 or 8 had sashes on indicating they were the guest of honor. Stacy asked jokingly if they were each marrying different guys or if they were marrying the same one. Jokes about not being in Utah came out, while Joe and I both had the exact same thought, "Maybe they're marrying each other."

We left there shortly after midnight and business still had not picked up. I can't believe that place stays in business if that's a typical Saturday night crowd—unless their Thursday ("Black Night") and Friday ("Latino Night") night crowds keep them afloat.

We stopped by Flex where the "Bear & Cub Contest" was still going on, and well, I'm just going to be kind and shut up. Well, I will say this. (You knew I would.) One of the emcees kept saying, "Let's give them a hand. It takes a lot of balls to get up here." Personally, I think it's more a function of ego than chutzpah. But what do I know? I'm the one with body image issues.

We didn't stay there very long, and stopped by MoJoe's for a club sandwich and some fries, before heading home. Toward the end of our meal, they were definitely shooing us out of there so they could close up. So much for making the customer feel appreciated.
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