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Two seats of groceries, a sick day, dinner@Irregardless, and "Blue"...

~Friday~  I was running behind this morning, so I once again took the Wolfline bus. There is a grocery store at the beginning of the line I take, and I got on at the second stop. A kid had been shopping that early in the morning, and he had his grocery bags sprawled across the two seats beside him and made no effort to move them when about ten of us got on. I had two thoughts:

  1. Could you be any less considerate?

  2. Within the next two stops this bus is going to be jam-packed with people standing in the aisle. Will your zucchini and beef jerky give up their seats then?

I was at work fighting nausea for an hour before I turned in the towel. I said to my manager with my bags in my hand heading out, "I just can't do it. I'm going to have to take sick leave for today."

Back at home, I took an anti-nausea pill, which I had left over from my surgery back in December and whose expiration date was 12/11/09. Then I slept for a glorious four hours.

Robert treated me to a most delicious birthday dinner at Irregardless. I had:


Local Grass fed Organic Noohe Rooka Farm, Beef marinated, skewered and grilled. Served over saffron rice, with grilled vegetables, hummus and tzatziki (cucumber/yogurt) sauce.

Robert had:


Traditional Spanish dish of rice seasoned with saffron & tomato seafood stock, and served w/ fresh shrimp,mussels, scallops, roast chicken , and turkey sausage with a light clam sauce.

We both had their garden salad with their renown lemon tahini dressing, which we always love. I loved my dinner. Robert's was good, but not really what he expected from Paella.

We saw the play Blue in the newly renovated Thompson Hall. The theater was great. The play? Not so much.

The plot was interesting enough, but the acting, well let's just be kind and call it "collegiate." By far, the best actor in tonight's performance was the one playing the grandmother. She starred in a play we previously saw in Thompson, in the lead role in Ma Rainey's Black Bottom.

Back home we finished an Indy crossword puzzle that has been plaguing me for about a month now. Thank you, my sweet! And thanks again for a most delicious birthday dinner.
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