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A game of chicken with the call button, Manbites board meeting, and a drag dancing...

~Wednesday~  Sci-Fi Fantasy Man was on again this morning, and yup you guessed it, heads down in a Science Fiction or Fantasy novel—hence the name.

Grump Boy also boarded this morning and I played a game of chicken with him in terms of the stop button. I've noticed that he always waits for me to push the stop button, since he gets off at my stop, too. So today I held off from pushing it until we were so close that he had to.

Two slugs racing toward each other with caption: When slugs play a deadly game of chicken

Who says punctuation and grammar isn't critical? When I first read this Facebook update:

Dennis & My English bulldog passed away 2 days ago in Costa Rica with Dennis's father.

I thought both Dennis and the dog had died.

I made a post office run during lunch that was both drama-free and quick. The fact that that's news is another matter altogether.

From there, I walked over to Talley Student Center via the Brickyard to check out two things that were going on there today: 1) The weekly Farmer's Market, and 2) Sustainability Day.

At Talley, I secured two tickets to the 8:00 performance of Blue at Thompson Theater on campus.

Incredibly, I was able to renew my library book online, albeit only for another week. It still made me happy.

I should have caught the 4:30 city bus home, but caught the 5:00 instead. Temporary Alice was on board, as she was on yesterday's ride home. She's always slumped way down in her seat, gray wiry-haired head resting against the window, and quiet as a church mouse.

I rushed like crazy to get to Manbites Dog Theater in Durham for our 6:00 board meeting, not having factored in enough time to deal with traffic heading to the NC State Fair after work. Because of where I live, I can't really access any Durham-bound route (NC 54, NC 70, or I-40) without running into fair traffic.

I arrived only about five minutes late, which both amazed and pleased me. We had a "tight" little meeting, meaning that we pretty much followed the agenda, and we finished with about five minutes to spare.

I got home at around 8:00, and left for dancing at about 8:45, totally not "feeling it." It was an absolute drag this evening. We spent more time working as a group on a crossword puzzle than we probably did dancing.

There were two patrons in the bar the entire night, and the later it got, the less interested we were in dancing and helping Van with which songs to play that at about 10:40, we said to him, "Just play country music."

I left shortly after that.

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