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Turning older and sleeping in Seattle...

~Tuesday~  I was up a year older at 6:30 for a 7:00 departure to the Maltby Café in Snohomish, WA with Kevin and Ricardo. My friend Steve H. in Raleigh recommended this place from when he used to live here. Their claim to fame is their cinnamon buns the size of a cake.

Maltby Cafe Cinnamon Bun
(That's a dinner plate it's on.)

We started with one of those with our coffee while we waited for our entrées to arrive. The three of us started from the outside in, eating less than half of it as you can see from its remainder in the background of Kevin's French Toast order.

French Toast
(That's fresh, homemade cream on the top.)

I had a little punctuation issue with the menu item that I wanted [off and running...], which was described as follows:

Montana Potatoes & Eggs
Country fried red potatoes, ham and onions, topped with Tillamook Cheddar cheese and sour cream.
Served with two extra large eggs any style, and Maltby bread toast or biscuit. 11.95

My issue with this was whether "topped with Tillamook Cheddar cheese and sour cream" was modifying the ham and onions, or along with the ham and onions was modifying the country fried red potatoes—which in its instantiation would have been the difference between one side or two. But I digress...

The ride from Snohomish to Redman was by highway, which was backed up beyond belief. Thank goodness we had three of us in the car allowing us to breeze by most of it in the HOV lane. We dropped off Ricardo at Microsoft Headquarters, which was very cool to see.

We just hung out at Kevin's today (my choice of a lazy day), as the weather was threatening (rain and high winds), and though it did rain for a short amount of time, I didn't look out the window to see it so I could say, "I was in Seattle for five days and I never saw any rain." (Cut to the queen of that river in Egypt.)

I had an incredibly affirming birthday with tons of birthday wishes on Facebook. I also received tweets and e-mails from folks. This tweet from @GinnySkal was very sweet:

GinnySkal: @nematome Happy Birthday! You always make me smile. I love your blog, your tweets and your real-life smile! You're a beautiful person.

Thanks to everyone via every medium for your good wishes. I'm sure I have snail mail cards at home, too, at least one from my parents. My heart is full.

I'll do a separate birthday entry when I get home in which I'll capture for posterity all of the wonderful sentiments I received—sort of making that an annual tradition. That will definitely be a John-Martin-Lovefest entry, so you'll probably want to just skip over that one. :-)

We (Kevin, Ricardo, and I) crossed the street from Kevin's place, where we had dinner at a Mexican place, which Kevin treated as a birthday gift. Thanks, my friend!

After that we, dropped by Bearaoke at The Cuff and had a couple of drinks. I stayed for an extra hour or so, and walked home in the drizzle—experiencing my first rain here in Seattle in the five days I've been here.

At home, I tweeted: "My birthday is over on the east coast. Here on the west coast, I have another hour. #MilkingItForAllIt'sWorth"
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