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A rally with no time to march, drinks & fun w/old new friends, and a night in...

~Sunday~  I slept in this morning. Exactly as one should on vacation. Glorious.

Today's National Coming Out Day and I tweeted this about it: "Today is National Coming Out Day. Closets are for clothes. Dare to live your authentic life. Doing so probably saved my life. #JustDoIt"

Of course my Twitter feed goes to Facebook's status updates, where I had these affirmations, which warmed my heart:

Kevin, Ricardo, and I had a late breakfast at table 219. I had their "Seattle Slam," which included pancakes, sausage, and two eggs over easy. Today's specialty pancake offering was pumpkin-flavored ones, and I got those. They were topped with some cinnamon butter. It was all good! The three of us ate a little of Ricardo's order of hashed brown potatoes.

On the short back walk to Kevin's condo, we stopped at the little independent bookstore, Bailey/Coy Books, just to window—or more accurately I guess—shelf shop.

We headed up to Volunteer Park for the start of the march associated with Seattle LGBT Equality Weekend, which was going on in simpatico with the march in DC this weekend. This turned out to be a "Rally + March" with a little too much "Rally" for our taste, and we ended up leaving before the march even started, as an hour had already passed, and we were meeting my friends at 3:30.

I did get some pics while I was there, of which these are a sampling:

The Theme of the Rally

A Crowd Shot

I Love Corgies!

And Well-Behaved Dogs in General!
(Not to mention well-dressed ones.)

My Hosts—Ricardo & Kevin

(I don't know the "back story" of this couple's presence—maybe they have a gay child?
Maybe she came out to him or he to her in their marriage and they're still friends?)

My Favorite Sign
(Accidental rainbow streaking, but I like it.)

The Entertainment

Leather & Lace
(People-watching was definitely another form of entertainment.)

One of my favorite chants from the march in DC, which I learned through Twitter was: "Obama, Obama, let mama marry mama."

We walked back to Kevin's and then took his car over to Kurrent, where we met Patti and Kirk (an opposite-gender couple), whom I met during my vacation with Joe back in April in Key West. Kirk's brother Creed and his partner, Joe also joined us. We had a fun hour-and-a-half or so with lots of stories and laughs and a general bawdiness. My kind of people.

Here are a few pics, including one we got the hunky bartender (Matt, whom I should have gotten a picture of) and who also gave our entire party a complimentary round of shots when we went to close out our bill.

Patti & Me
(Love her!)

Kisses All Around!
(Love him!)

Group Shot!
(l-r: Creed, Joe, Kirk, Patti, Moi, Kevin, Ricardo)

We had lots of appetizers, which were half-price, including wings, calamari, spring rolls, and chicken pops. I had three Bloody Marys myself. I wanted to split the check with Kirk, but he wouldn't let me, picking up the whole thing. Thanks, Kirk!!!

Kevin, Ricardo, and I stopped at Molly Moon homemade ice cream shop on the way home, where I had their Salted Caramel, which was out of this world, or should I say, "Udderly delicious." Badumpbump. We're here all week folks. Try the veal.

Later in the evening, the three of us had dinner at Pho Cyclo, a Vietnamese restaurant a couple of blocks away. We all had Pho - Beef Noodle Soup. I had the beef and meatball variety. Delicious!

We had a night in tonight, and I got in contact with Kathleen and James—two of my traveling companions from my trip to China last year. We're going to have dinner tomorrow after they're home from work. Yay!

Life is good.
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