DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

First Friday Gallery Walk and Games Night...

I worked from home today. I went downtown to see Kathleen performing at the First Friday Gallery Walk. She was supposed to start at 7:45, but didn't get all set up until about 8:15. I enjoyed her beautiful voice for about 45 minutes.

Right before leaving, she introduced me to a couple who had just arrived who were good friends of her. It turned out that the wife of the couple is Wayne's director at FHI. Small world. They were a nice couple.

I stopped by the Helpline and picked up my Catch Phrase game. I then dropped by UUF for Games Night. It was a small crowd, about 10 folks. I played a couple of games (or was it 3?) of catch phrase with Kevin, Jim, Brian, Sue (new "keeper of the keys" at UUF), and Robert.

We had fun playing the sports category one round. Kevin got "Picabo Street," and didn't know who it was. When the round was over, I told the Picabo, ICU joke. Love that joke, as did everyone else.

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