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A grumpy buscapade and The Italian Actress by Little Green Pig at MBD...

~Thursday~ I didn't get the memo that I was supposed to wear camouflage pants on the bus this morning. Two very attractive young men did, though, and they wore them well. One of them is becoming a regular rider whom I haven't really mentioned before, but he's a young Hispanic boy who I've seen almost every day now for the past couple of weeks. He is not what I would describe as "built," but he's just very trim and his physique nicely accommodates a shirt tucked into pants, which accentuates his flat belly that I imagine sports a nice goody trail. But I digress...

He never says good morning to the bus driver or anything, and I've never seen him smile. Today, however, he made me smile, because just as I was thinking that very thing—that he never smiles—I read his t-shirt that said, "Does this shirt make me look grumpy?" I'm going to dub him Grumpy Boy.

We had our monthly second-level manager staff meeting of approximately 20 people that's held in a conference room in a building across the street on campus, as we don't have a meeting room big enough in our building to accommodate that many people.

After that, my boss and I had lunch at Jasmine Mediterranean Bistro, where I had their Chicken Greek Salad and she had their Spinach Wrap. We were supposed to eat, along with my officemate, at Irregardless today, but Rhonda was out sick. Hopefully not with H1N1.

In the afternoon, I represented our organization at the Campus Communicators meeting, an hour-long meeting that, today, spent a majority of its time talking about two campus communications venues that my organization was an intergral part of bringing to fruition: twitter.ncsu.edu and m.ncsu.edu.

I volunteered at Manbites Dog Theater for preview "pay-what-you-can" night, where it was the night before the world premier of The Italian Actress. First I helped cut inserts and then assemble the final multi-insert program, since this was a production of Little Green Pig at Manbites Dog Theater in its Other Voices series.

When the doors opened, I helped at the ticket counter, where I enjoyed greeting people and thanking them for being there. One of tonight's guests was theater critic Byron Woods from The Independent. I'm very interested in seeing what kind of review he gives this play.

In return for volunteering, I got to see the show for free tonight. Dark. Intense at times. I liked the philosophical questions dangling at the end of the show: "What accountability should the 'video artist' have had?" and "Was it art or pornography?"

Speaking of pornography, on the way out I heard "a little old lady," say to the folks she was with, "It seems like the older I get, the more nudity I see in the theater." Note: Nobody gets naked in this show. Underwear, yes. Nudity, no.

As is usually the case with plays held at Manbites Dog, this one was edgy, and I left there thinking about the show, with a very high probability that I'll still be thinking about it tomorrow.
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