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A boy band of one, a one-year anniversary, and bless me father for I haven't sinned...

~Saturday~  Love, love, love this video! It's one boy spliced and dubbed. Talented!

In celebration of my one-year anniversary of my last day at IBM after starting 28 years before that, I treated myself to a day off.

I napped for a couple of hours in the afternoon, and then treated myself to dinner out. I intended to eat at Olive Garden, but when I got there, it was teeming out in front of the restaurant with people waiting for tables. I guestimated a 30- to 45-minute wait easily, and I wasn't willing to do it.

I looked next door, at the deserted area in front of Red Lobster, and I walked over and in to be seated immediately. I have a standard meal that I get at Red Lobster and that's the Seafood-Stuffed Flounder with a baked potato and a salad. However, today their "Endless Shrimp" special caught my eye, and that's what I settled on.

Many teriyaki grilled shrimp, cajun shrimp, and alfredo pasta and shrimp later, I rolled out of there and over to Target, where I bought some slippers, two rolls of wax paper, a roll of tin foil, and four greeting cards.

I contemplated seeing a couple of movies tonight, but in the end ruled out the idea. My Sister's Keeper for $1.50 at the Carmike Blue Ridge 14 Cinema was the leading candidate. I read the book, so I know what to expect from that movie, but I just wasn't in the right frame of mind to see it tonight.

I got to Flex at a little after ten o'clock and it was pretty dead in there. It was "Sin Night," with spanking seemingly highlighted as one of the more desirable sins, although "the cross" was set out, which is really in the shape of an "X" not a "+", and nobody used it the entire night anyway. Ping pong paddles were strategically placed (below one eye, your scarf it was apricot... but I digress...) on tables throughout the place.

It got fairly crowded later, and I spent most of my time there talking with Chris (zinnian), his ex-boyfriend Juan, (White Rabbit) Chris, and Loren. I don't even remember what time I left there, but it wasn't very late. The crowd dissipated as quickly as it had formed.
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