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An early start, a surgical mask on the bus, a good meeting, the boy paradox, and dancing...

~Wednesday~  I was up at 4:15 and left my house at 4:35 to pick up Joe. I got him to Terminal 2 at just after 5:00 for his trip to Erie with a 6:00 departure.

I wanted to get in to work early this morning, but wasn't as successful as I had hoped. I got to the Wolfline bus stop at Greek Way at 6:40, but it turned out that the first bus from there didn't leave until 7:00. So, I walked a little ways up the street to where I could catch one of two city buses, but they ended up coming close enough to the Wolfline buses that I just took one of those, since they drop me off right across the street from my building as opposed to a block away.

A female student with a surgical mask on got on the bus at one of the stops on Avent Ferry road. At first I thought that she might be paranoid about catching H1N1, but when I saw her pull the stop cord for the stop by Student Health Services, I suddenly wondered if I wasn't paranoid about catching H1N1—from her.

This morning was the every-other-month meeting of the University IT Committee at which I take minutes. For the past two meetings, we've run way out of time at the end of the meeting, rushing through the final agenda items in order to end the meeting. So, for this month's meeting, I asked the presenters to estimate the time they'd need to present their topic and take a few questions, and I put those times on the agenda.

Amazingly, everyone was very cognizant of their time, and we actually ended the meeting 10 minutes early. I received these two affirming comments after the meeting, "You sure run a tight meeting, John," and "Great job putting times by the UITC presenters... that's one of the best meetings I've attended." I even got an affirmation from Dr. Hoit, who is the Vice Chancellor for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer at NC State and runs the meeting.

Cool beans.

On Tuesday, I included a Venn diagram articulating the difference between a nerd, a geek, a dork, and a dweeb. Sharing one term—"nerd," today's Venn diagram articulates what results in the various combinations of a boy being smart, handsome, or nice:

Although somewhat UK-centric, I found these 50 Things Being Killed by the Internet very interesting, including: the art of polite disagreement, punctuality, and your lunch break!

The UK is on a roll. Some of these 20 Most Bizarre Craigslist Adverts of All Time are a scream. I found the one about the lady with her bathroom for rent particularly amusing.

I took an hour nap before heading to dancing, and I arrived at 9:15 instead of 9:00, as evidently 9:00-9:15 has become a smoke break. As I started walking down the steps into the place, I heard the song start for the dance that we usually do first.

It was absolutely dead in the place tonight, and I seriously considered leaving at 10:00. I ended up leaving right at 11:00.
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