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Late buscapades, cheaper insurance, more expensive gold, and an important affirmation...

~Tuesday~  Today's buscapades were "bookended" by poor planning, which is to say that both buses (inbound in the morning and outbound in the afternoon) waited for me as I ran to them. I was grateful to make it on both accounts.

He's got no ticket to ride,
He's got no ticket to ride,
He's got no ticket to ride,
And he does care.

In the morning, I was late, because as I got to the stop (the first time), I realized that my "Go Pass" was still sitting on the desk back at my house. Returning to the stop after retrieving it, the bus was just pulling up to the stop as I rounded the bottom of the driveway from my townhouse area.

On the ride in, a man with thinning blond hair sat across fro me with his right foot propped up onto his left lap in such a way that a tear in his tennis shoes just along the area marked "inner big toe mound" caught my eye. That's exactly where my last pair of tennis shoes wore out first.

The Cell Phone Lady got on at her usual stop; however, she was not on her cell phone as usual. For the first time, I noticed that she had a very involved (both in terms of design and color) tattoo on the bicep of her right arm that disappeared up into her shirt sleeve. Then I noticed that she had a much smaller one, but equally as intricate and colorful, peeking out of the sleeve just over of her left bicep. I instantly wondered if they didn't both continue on and on—not unlike her phone conversations—across her back connecting to each other back there.

And finally, a woman got on who I'm quite sure I haven't named yet, but who is very much a regular rider. She's a plus-sized African-American lady, and the last couple of times she's had two kids with her. However, I'm quite sure I've seen her with three, maybe even four, before. She usually sends the little ones up the stairs first, and they start down the aisle while she takes care of the fare.

Today's two were both cute little kids, but the little girl was particularly adorable. She has to be not much older than whatever age kids are when they look like they're just learning to walk, but are doing it well enough that they don't still look unstable. At any rate, already at this young age, she was getting a lesson in expected little girl gender expression, as she was carrying this purse in such a way that her right arm stayed extended at a right angle, and it hung down off it. Not to mention the fact that her pink purse matched her pink blouse. So cute! And god knows what one carries in purses at that age. Perhaps an extra pair of Pampers?

I paid my automobile insurance premium today, and I was delighted to find out it had gone down about 20% from my last premium. I mentioned last month that a point would be dropping off my record, and it did. My premium dropped from approximately $1000 a year to $800. Yay!

I haven't really looked at the price of gold lately. When I looked today, my investment was as follows:


Last Trade




Price Paid


$ Gain/Loss

% Gain/Loss


11:26AM ET


Up 0.97






I received an affirmation today that meant a great deal to me. I'm not going to quote it here, to preserve the person's privacy, but the gist of it was that the person was thanking me for some advice I gave that has led to some family members "connecting on a wonderful new level." That makes me happy, and happy for them!

I'm still chuckling about a comment someone made to me last week the day after we had run into each other at the bar: "I'm so glad you saw me the other night."

I had every intention to work out tonight, but it didn't happen. Instead, I made myself a bowl of kettlecorn popcorn and watched another episode of The Wire, Episode 6, also called The Wire. Since the episode had the same title as the series, I expected it to be "pivotal." I don't know if it was that, but it did its job of sucking me into the drama even further.

I'm going to bed at 10:30, as I have to be up at 4:14 to leave the house by 4:30 to get Joe to the airport by 5:00.
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