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A shopping "spree," dweeb-nerd-geek-dork defined, The Wire, some karaoke, drag bingo, and drag...

~Sunday~  I was up at 9:30 and had an Asiago-Parmesan bagel with low-fat cream cheese with chives for breakfast, along with some coffee.

For lunch, I made an amazingly delicious omelet, taking advantage of some of the veggies I'd cut up yesterday. I put cheddar cheese, onions, red pepper, and mushrooms on it. So yummy!

Have I ever mentioned that I'm not a shopper? At least according to my shopping tag on my LiveJournal entries, I see that I made it almost a year without clothes shopping. It was on October, 4, 2008 that I got $309 worth of clothes for $117.

Today, I made a run to Old Navy, where I bought 6 pairs of new boxers for $5 a piece, and six pairs of socks for $1.34 each. A pair of socks make sense, but I'm not quite sure why boxers come in "pairs." But I digress...

Speaking of collective nouns—and digressing even further—you've heard of a "bed of oysters," a "gaggle of geese," and a "slate of candidates," but I bet you haven't heard a few of these: a fidget of suspects, a flight of refugees, a flood of plumbers, and a buttload of proctologists. See more collective nouns—both official and "suggested."

Anyhow, I finished my shopping at Old Navy with a $15 t-shirt for $5.00, and then stopped over at Kohl's while I was out that way, and I bought a $20 t-shirt for $12.00. Done for another year, I hope.

I gave myself a complete day off today and watched three episodes of The Wire. I started to write, "Good television," but I don't watch television.

In one of our first salon meetings, we debated the difference between the words geek, dork, nerd, and dweeb, I'm happy to report that my friend, and fellow salon member, Kim has stumbled upon a very succinct clarification of those four terms:

For other Venn, as well as other, diagrams about life, visit Jessica Hagy's Indexed blog.

I got to Flex at 10:00 for karaoke, where I found it not as crowded as I expected for a day before a holiday Monday. Steve H. said it had been more crowded earlier, and then later, actually, it got crowded once again.

Alex and I left at round 10:45 and went to Legends, where we watched the last hour or so of Drag Bingo, hosted by the inimitable Mary K. Mart. After that, we watched the drag show.

I spent some time there talking with Todd (formerly of the couple "Randy & Todd"). It was good to catch up with him.

When we got back to our cars at close to 2:00AM, Alex and I dropped back into Flex, where there were frightfully few people left. In fact, the people who were left stayed mostly out on the smoker's patio, and they were a group of people who are in, or associated with, a play that's starting in the area next week. There were two guys and three women in the group.

One of the guys, a local guy in the show, was very nice. He was talking about the other guy, who's from Los Angeles, who also came down for another drink after a few minutes. Now that guy... well let's just say the phrases pretentious theater prick and my star sure shines bright (shosheshez) come to mind.
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