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Getting in under The Wire, birthday trip planning, food prep, and dancing...

~Saturday~  I met my friend Will at the Hardee's at Gorman and Avent Ferry at just before 10:30, where he handed off to me a DVD set of the first season of The Wire. I've heard great things about this show from my fellow salon member, and friend, Etta.

I said jokingly to Will as he handed me the goods, "Any gay people up in here?"

"As a matter of fact, there is. And in fact, my favorite character in it is gay." he replied.

After hearing that, I remember that Etta had said there was a gay character in it, too. Not that there has to be a gay character in something for me to enjoy it, but I'm sure straight people would enjoy seeing someone like them in a series in which every character but one was a homo—if they'd even bother to watch such a series to begin with. Bitter? Party of one? Your table is ready.

I drove from there directly downtown to Helios, where I spent about three hours, enjoying two cups of light roast coffee and getting some things done online.

I went through all of my frequent flyer accountsand I have manyto see on which ones I had: 1) the most miles, and 2) any miles with expiration dates coming up. My two highest balances were on Delta and United, which was a little surprising to me, since American Airlines is my "carrier of choice." AA was third with 22K points and US Airways came in last with a paltry 625.

On further thought, I guess it shouldn't surprise me that my United balance was high, as I got boatloads of points on it for my trip to and from China in October of 2008, and another huge chunk for my 50th birthday trip to and from Australia in 2007. I'm not sure how I came across so many points on Delta, but I'll take them.

After that, I investigated possible flights to Seattle around my birthday next month, where I'll visit my good friend Kevin (av8rdude). I sent him a few options to see if one fits his schedule better than another. Most likely, I'll fly out on Friday, October 9th and fly back on Wednesday, October 14th, getting back in time to dance Wednesday night, of course.

A second option does appeal to me, though, and that's flying out on Thursday, October 8th and flying back on Wednesday, October, 13th, which is my actual birthday. The thought of getting in a plane crash and dying on my birthday is very appealing to me. Not that I want to, but if it is my time, I like the idea of a nice clean cut, checking out exactly 52 years after checking in.

I left Helios at around 2:30, and I stopped by the Harris Teeter at Cameron Village, where I bought a bunch of vegetables and some bread.

At home, I chipped: sliced mushrooms, celery, a red pepper, a yellow pepper, a green pepper, broccoli, and some baby carrots. After that I shredded (by tearing) some red leaf lettuce, and I used my food processor to grate some extra-sharp cheddar cheese. Along with the onions I had previously chopped, I'm good to go with some salads over the coming days.

After a nap, I made myself one of those salads, to which I added some raisins, and realized that I need: 1) more raisins, 2) some pineapple tidbits, and 3) some fat-free croutons.

Dancing was okay tonight. It was totally dead in there early in the evening, and we didn't start until after 9:15, as of course smoking came before dancing.

I enjoyed my two-steps with Bill, Rick, and Rob, and my shadow dance with Robert.

At home, Robert and I did a bitch of an Indy crossword puzzle, but as usual in those cases, it felt good when it was done.
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