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Thong lady watermelon, a t-shirt convo, FAQs, a finished book, and bar-hopping...

~Friday~  I read on the bus this morning. I did notice that Thong Lady got on at her usual stop, the stop after mine. Her maroon-red hair was tied up with a kerchief that had the color of watermelon slices in it—that is to say, red, white, and green.

I wore my Grammar Police t-shirt today, and while in line this morning at the NC State University library coffee shop to get a bagel, the guy in front of me said that he liked my shirt, and asked me what kind of reaction I usually got from it. I told him about the lady in the Orlando airport who said to me, "You're going to be very busy here in Florida," and about my exchange with the campus police a couple of months ago. He got a kick out of both. I introduced myself to him, and it turns out he's a philosophy professor at the university and his name is Steve.

I've had so many interesting interactions with people between that shirt and my "No one cares about your blog" one.

I didn't mention this when I noted the This American Life podcast I listened to on Tuesday, but I loved two things about how that episode opened. It noted two things:

  1. There have been 5 "Peaches" over the years in the duo Peaches & Herb, and that it was the third Peaches, Linda Green, with whom Herb had the megahit, Reunited. Over three million people bought the song. Update: While looking up that link to Peaches & Herb, Wikipedia notes that there have been six Peaches. Herb must be hard to get along with.

  2. Basically, there are only three songs that celebrate the (more common than you might think) phenomenon of couples breaking up and getting back together in this country: Reunited, Break Up to Make Up, and Love's More Comfortable the Second Time Around. "The reunited couple is a completely underserved market." (Love that!)

I had one work meeting today, from 1:00-2:15, and I spent the entire morning preparing for my agenda item, by creating a Google doc of FAQs gathered from various universities who have already rolled out Google Apps for Education.

I put each one in its own table to allow the technical reviewers to indicate whether the FAQ applies (or will apply) in our environment, and if so, how (at all) the answer should be updated to accurately reflect our environment. I went through the FAQs from USC, RIT, and Georgia Southern.

In addition to presenting my agenda item, I took minutes for the meeting.

I read on the bus ride home, and then read more once home, to finish up Moonlight Becomes You. A very tidy denouement.

I met Joe at Flex, where I mostly spoke with Steve H. and later hung out by myself. Joe spent a while in somewhat of a "work reunion," as there were several people who either work with him now, or have worked with him over the years, there.

Once, again, it was quite dead in the place, once again confirming that Friday nights have just become so hit-and-miss there, that I really want to remember to skip it in the future and go right to Legends for the show.

We did go over there for the show, but tonight was "First Friday," which means instead of their usual (high quality) drag show, it was "Amateur Night." That in and of itself is not too bad, I guess, but what is bad is that it's held on the Legends stage/dance floor as opposed to the drag shows that are in the "Spotlight Lounge" on The View side of the club. And what's significant about that is that the Legends side still allows smoking. Yuck.

I spent a little time talking with more of an acquaintance than a friend, and while I was talking to him, a friend of his came up and they started talking about two of their friends who had recently checked into rehab and how they were doing. Look at the time.

Joe and I saw just the beginning of the show, and then left. He suggested stopping at The Borough for a Uberwisconsin, but I really wasn't up for it. We ended up just going home.
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