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I can't believe it's not, g**gle art, a workout, and a hanky code party...

~Saturday~  On my last grocery store visit, I bought "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" for the first time in a long time. I haven't opened it yet, as I'm still on my last stick of Land O' Lakes real butter. I remember whenever I first tried ICBINB thinking, "Wow, this isn't bad." But, obviously, I have drifted back to real butter. So, this recent graphjam.com entry has me a little worried:

This Reba song came on Pandora last night, and I fell in love with it. I can't believe I've never heard it before, especially since Brooks & Dunn is another favorite group of mine. I really like this video, too.

Google logo art honors a birthday today. Love the caption they gave it. (Hover over the image to see it.)

Actually, I put that caption there. They really had this one: "Birthday of Michael Jackson." And for the record, I loved Michael Jackson, so no hate mail, please. Get a sense a yooma.

I watched some recorded online video footage of Ted Kennedy's funeral on cnn.com. Ted Kennedy Jr.'s tribute to his father was so touching. I also enjoyed President Obama's eulogy of Ted Kennedy, though I have to admit that I like the one I wrote and delivered about, and for, my friend "Jeanie-Baby" better. :-)

I made it back to the gym today—praise the deity. I did 300 (15 sets of 20 reps) ab crunches, followed by 60 minutes on the treadmill at a brisk walk pace on a level 15 incline. 600 calories burned.

During the hour, I vacillated between the TV set ono channel 7 and the one set on channel 8. Channel 7 had  on VH1, which was broadcasting: The Jacksons: An American Dream and Channel 8 was broadcasting Ted Kennedy's funeral—still going on as his body was flown to Andrews Air Force Base, taken by the Capitol, and then on to Arlington Cemetery for the interment.

I met Joe out at Flex at 10:00, where tonight's "theme" was "Hanky Code Party." I'm not quite sure when things like, "teddy bear,", "kewpie doll," "mosquito netting," Kleenex," and "terrycloth" became colors, but there you go.

At one point in the evening, the person standing right next to me lit up, and I immediately jumped into no-smoking police mode, and said, "You can't do that in here." I love doing that shit.

Late in the evening, technically early in the morning, Joe and I waked over to The Borough, where we each had the Uberwisconsin, which comes with an order of fries. I actually only ate half of my sandwich and took the other half to go. Good stuff.
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