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A buscapade, on Sen. Ted Kennedy, an affirmation, some thank yous, & Pimps & 'HOs...

~Friday~ Diarrhea-of-the-Mouth lady was back this morning and once again living up to her name. Loud, liquid, flow.

Folded Red-Tipped White Caner (FR-TWC) guy got on this morning, who I've talked about a few times now. In earlier buscapades, this is the guy who the bus driver waved the fare ticket at him that he'd left in the slot, and then finally rolled her eyes at him assuming he didn't give a shit about the ticket instead of just not seeing her. Another time he did the same thing, and the bus driver waved the ticket and called out to him, and the guy getting on the bus behind him said, "He can't hear."

Well today, lo and behold, FR-TWC guy dropped a coin while on the first of two steps as he was boarding. I thought, "Oh lord," as he stepped back down in an attempt to look for it. I looked at my watch. To my total surprise, after about 15 seconds, he picked it up. Then, after pulling his ticket out of the slot when it popped out, he glanced at it before sitting down, gently setting down his folded up white cane with the red tip on the seat beside his. Things that make you go, "Hmmmm."

As a complete aside: Your buscapade character name might be too long if it has to be made into an acronym. But I digress...

Oh, one final thing about my buscapades. I received a comment on this past Monday's entry from a fellow bus rider (not my bus) who I had no idea was following my blog. Sweet.

I had two meetings this morning, which thankfully is rare for a Friday. The first one was from 10-11 and with some of my favorite work peeps, and it was about the present and future of our organizational website.

Following that, I had a meeting with Sarah, a manager of one of our "sister departments." In fact, it's the same sister department that I mentioned my friend Jen was in in yesterday's blog entry. The meeting was to work on a presentation on communication for the Staff Senate meeting that we're on the agenda for next Wednesday. When the meeting was over, Sarah said to me, "I'm really glad you're here, John. I really enjoy working with you." Sweet.

A friend of mine, Ian (bear_left), has a friend in politics, and he said this about a blog posting she'd made about Ted Kennedy: "An outstanding piece by my friend and colleague, and easily the best thing I've read on the topic of Sen. Kennedy's passing."

Being from Massachusetts myself, from Fall River, which is fairly close to the Cape, our family has always had an interest in the Kennedy clan. In her piece, On Sin, Forgiveness and Redemption: A Few Thoughts on the Loss of my Friend, Senator Kennedy, I found the writing honestly ambivalent about Ted Kennedy's life and contributions, and yet in the end, appreciative and respectful of him. Well worth the read.

I want to capture some thank-yous from over the past week, because they make me smile remembering them:

For a wedding gift from my former neighbor, Kathryn:

Dear John and Robert,

Thank you so much for the lovely Blue Willow soup tureen. I'll think of you guys every time I use it. My homemade chili will taste especially great when served in such a beautiful tureen!

Thanks again for your kindness and for being such (a) great neighbor(s).

Kathryn & Mark

From my friend Anna after coming to line-dancing on Wednesday:

Had a great time, John. Thanks so much for inviting me!

From my friend Susan after her experience at line-dancing on Wednesday:

Hi John--

I had a WONDERFUL time! What a great bunch of guys! And they were all so gracious and kind about these alien intruders invading their space!

Please tell Bill, Carl, Michael, Leroy, Ernie, Wayne, Tom, Jason, and Mike how much I enjoyed meeting them, and I hope they were sincere in their invitation to come dancin' again.

I honestly don't remember the last time I had that much fun! (Which may be a sad commentary on my life at the moment. . .)


From my friend Kim after her surprise birthday party last night:


Thank you so much for your Absolutely Fabulous (caps intended, there) birthday card and presence at my party (...though I do suppose you'd be there for STC anyway, but I'll assume you were there primarily for me). I felt absolutely humbled and awed when I walked into the room.

So looking forward to seeing you Monday night and hearing all about booger drag...

- K

I had a deliciously relaxing Friday evening, catching forty (okay, probably 140) winks, and then devising Thursday's blog entry.

At 11:45, I ran down (drove, actually) to Legends to see the midnight show. Those "girls" really do do a good job there. A guest drag queen from Texas did Tina Turner and Donna Summer (not that any gay men like those divas), and the other house cast regulars—Victoria Porkchop Parker, Kirby Kolby, and Dana St. James—rocked the house with their consistently high-quality female impersonation.

I left the show shortly before it ended. There was a "Pimps and 'Hos" contest going on on the Legends side (the drag show is on The View side) at 1:15, at which I was going to support my friend Kurt (who was there as a pimp), but as soon as I stepped in the door, the barbaric stench of cigarette smoke elicited a, "Oh no. Not doing that," response from me. I wasn't about to wait another 30 minutes only to be subjected to that. Nope. I gave up second-hand smoke on August 1st when Flex went smoke-free.
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