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An insanely busy workday, an absolute blast of a dance night, and "Move that bust!"

~Wednesday~ I had an absolutely insanely busy work day today. I spent all morning setting up project websites for projects on our budget reduction strategy and strategic organizational projects list.

All afternoon, nonstop, I worked on the minutes of our last University IT Committee meeting, which have to go out two weeks before the next meeting. That would be today. I've mentioned here before that this is, without a doubt, the most tedious part of my job, and a I dread it every two months.

I finished those up at about 7:50PM, and caught the 8:15 bus home, which pretty much put me home with about five minutes to spare before heading out to dancing.

Today I had a slight elevator call paradigm break. I was on the second floor, and I wanted to go to the first floor. I saw by the indicator that the cab was currently on the first floor. Although I wanted to go down to the first floor, I started to push the "Up" button thinking that the cab had to come up to get me.

But before I did, it occurred to me that the elevator call paradigm is from the destination of the rider not the cab's route in getting the rider there. I pushed the "Down" button FTW!

Dancing was an absolute blast tonight. My two (straight, lady) friends, Anna and Susan, came out (to the club, not in their sexuality), and joined in the festivities for the evening. Anna turned out to be a dancing fool, and she and Susan both took the two lessons that Carl offered—one for Bumpers and the other one for the Canadian Stomp.

I felt like I ignored some of the other folks there tonight, but hope they understood my attending to my friends to be sure that they were comfortable and had a good time. All the boys just loved the ladies, which made for an extra fun time.

It was good to see, and have a dance with, Tom (bearzendurham), which started off as a shadow dance and turned into a two-step halfway through. Sweet.

When it was time to go, David (Sadlack's) walked Susan to her car, and I walked Anna to hers. They had both parked over just beyond the Buckhead Saloon, in front of which a huge RV was parked with "Girls Gone Wild" splashed all over it. God knows what was going on inside that bar. Straight people.

I had the strangest urge to stand across the street from it and chant, "Move that bust! Move that bust!"
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