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Bad math, a full bus, what the dog heard, first Follow Friday, a volunteer stint, and bar talk...

~Friday~  This morning, I stopped by Hardee's and used a coupon for a sausage and egg biscuit for $.99. I also ordered a medium sized coffee to pour in my thermos.

"That'll be $3.86," the cashier said. I did some quick math in my head—$1.26 for coffee and $.99 for the biscuit.

"Uh, $3.86 can't be right," I said. Slow waddle around the store to find a manager to put a key in the machine, to undo the order, re-key in the order, re-figure my change, blah, blah, blah...

I caught the Wolfline (NC State's) bus to work. I got on at the starting point of the bus, at the Food Lion in the Avent Ferry Shopping Center, where probably seven us got on.

This was the last bus that the students on that route could catch to get to campus in time for their 9:00 classes. By the time we got three-fourths of the way through the route, the bus was totally jammed, including people standing butts to nuts (well, those who had nuts) in the aisle. So, for the last one-fourth of the route, the bus just rolled past the stops left on the route, where there were still several students—sometimes lots of them—at each one, watching in disbelief as the bus just passed them by.

This is how it is for the first two or three weeks of school. After that, many of the now gungho students, start sleeping in and skipping class, and everything goes back to the status quo. I can talk like a veteran now, as it's coming up on a year since I started working at State and I used to always catch the Wolfline when I started last September. It was the same thing—jammed packed, and then it leveled off.

I saw this "Rhymes with Orange" cartoon today. I can't put a link to it, because it's copyrighted, but here's the gist of it: In the first frame, the owner is talking to a dog in front of a counter with food on it. In the second frame there are thought bubbles coming from the dog indicating what he's hearing:

What the dog's owner said...What the dog heard...
Do not take food on the counter!Donut! Take food! On the counter!

On Twitter, there's a thing called "Follow Friday," where people recommend people that they follow to other people. I've never been recommended by anyone for "#FollowFriday" or "#FF" as it's noted with a "hashtag" on Twitter. Well, up until today I wasn't. My friend Ginny recommended me with this tweet today:

Ginny Skalski  GinnySkal  Some Tweeps I can always count on for a smile on bad days:
@KE4ZNR @cammicam @mrscrubby @ophelia328 @nematome
@StefinRaleigh @dottyus #FF

Thanks, Ginny!

I rode over to Carmichael Gym from work with my friend and colleague, Jen, to volunteer in today's three-hour setup for tomorrow's Stop Hunger Now event. Tomorrow, volunteers are going to package over one million meals for Stop Hunger Now, at least that's what they did last year, and the goal is to do the same again this year.

There was a girl sitting across from us on the bus who had the biggest breasts. Not only that, but they were so stuffed into her bra, that the area where there's normally cleavage just pushed up out of her bra so that fat/skin pushed her t-shirt out so that her whole chest area looked like a cupcake or a muffin in one of those cupcake papers. And not only that, she had an image of a muffin on her t-shirt! And not only that, under the muffin image it said, "Looking for a stud muffin." The whole thing was just wrong on so many levels.

In the gym, after carrying a couple of tables with Jen and helping to set them up, we both got assigned to box opening and taping duty. For the first 30 or so minutes, I partnered with this tall black girl named Gabrielle, and we got a rhythm going fairly quickly so that we thought we were moving at a pretty good clip. At first I was folding the flaps down and she was taping them with the tape gun, and after a while we switched.

While she was folding and I was taping, we started to get down to the end of the boxes, so we had moved closer to other people as all the tapers were converging on the last few boxes left in the area in which we were working. All of a sudden we heard this loud rip next to us, and we looked over and there was this girl next to us who was going to absolute fucking town with her tape gun. Like a box-taping ninja! Gabrielle and I cracked up as we both said under our breaths when we first looked over and recognized what the noise was, "Wow!" It was one of those, "Like we're in complete awe, wows."

Gabrielle and I took a break from that task, and after about ten minutes or so we both joined up with other people. I saw a girl trying to fold a box and tape it by herself, which is very hard to do as the flaps keep popping back up when you're trying to pull the tape across them. "Let me help you with that," I said taking up a new folder position.

"Thanks," she said. "This'll go so much faster now."

"Yes. What's your name?" I asked.


"Stephanie, I'm John. Nice to meet you."

We finished up the boxes left in that area, and not too long after that I left.

I waffled about going out tonight, but ended up at Flex at about 10:30, where I hung out mostly with Phil, Loren, David, and Brian.

Later on, Loren, David, Brian and I went over to Legends to catch the last half of the show. I danced for a little bit with David and Brian after the show ended, and it was just gross going over to the Legends side (from The View side), where you're still allowed to smoke. Barbaric.

I stopped by the Harris Teeter on the way home, and then found myself re-routed a little bit where Oberlin meets Hillsborough Street, where they've started the roundabout that's going to be there.

I started reading the third, and final, Mary Higgins Clark book that I bought at Goodwill a few months ago—Moonlight Becomes You. So far, I like this one the best of the three, albeit I'm not very far into it yet.
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