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Buscapades, Internet laughs, bowling, and falling asleep reading...

~Thursday~ This morning's buscapade brought back the Waffle House Lady, but this time I knew she was not taking the long way to work, but had just gotten off her shift, and was actually on her way home. Her name badge had four pins on it, a big one on the left side, and three smaller ones along the right side. Although, my physical eyes couldn't see them to see what they said, my mind's eye assigned meaning to each one of them. (Let me place a look of surprise on your face.)

  1. The big one on the left side said: A 10-Year Service pin.

  2. Top one of three on the right said: Overnight Shift Leader.

  3. Middle one on right said: Belgian Waffle Specialist.

  4. Bottom one on right said: Certified Wearer of Champion® Waffle Training Pants.

In other buscapade nonsense, there was a lost and found flier on the advertising board behind the driver. I thought someone had lost a cat, because of the title: CAT Lost & Found. Then I realized it was about lost and found articles on the CAT (Capital Area Transit) bus, and how to report and retrieve them. Doh.

Another new Go Pass user fumbled about today. She stuck her card inside out and upside down into the slot reader. The bus driver demonstrated the correct course of action to take with it.

Here are a few things that have made me laugh out loud over the week. The second two relate to songs. This one doesn't:

Of course, not to get all pedantic, edit-y, and grammar police-y, but technically there should be arrows on those lines. I've taken the liberty to mark them up with red paint:

I'm just saying...

And these are the two song-related ones. The first one done flowchart-style, and the second one done with a pie chart:

Total Eclipse of the Heart song represented by a flowchart

This one was devised by Jason Awesome, a friend and colleague of mine, about the song, "Never Gonna Give You Up":

If you don't know what the Internet phenomenon of "Rick Rolling" is, and you care, it's explained here.

We had our weekly 1.5-hour working team meeting today. Food included: Almond Windmill Cookies from Rhonda and Peanut Butter-stuffed Snyder Pretzel Snaps (Snap!) from John.

I checked out the NC State Faculty/Staff Bowling League after work today. It will meet every Thursday at 6:00, and it's at the bowling alley on Hillsborough Street, Western Lanes, which is the next block over from my office building.

They had an organizational meeting tonight, and offered two free games of bowling. I bowled with my friend and colleague, Brandon, who's just good people, and the people we bowled with were all nice, too. One of them was Marcia Gumpertz, whom I've met several times now. She's the Assistant Vice Provost for Faculty and Staff Diversity.

I didn't bowl that well. My first game was a 170, although it should have been at least a 190. I opened in both the 9th and 10th frames. Can you say, "Choke?" My second game was a disaster at 138. Can you say, "Pathetic?"

My plan is to put my name on their Substitute List to be available if someone can't make it and wants someone to bowl in their place. I'm doing this for three reasons: 1) Bowling seasons go on forever—they're generally 33 weeks, from August until May or June, and when Spring comes around I often would rather be doing something else than being in a bowling alley, 2) It's nice to have the option of saying "no," or more politely, "I'm sorry but I'm not available this week" if a Thursday comes around and you just don't feel like bowling, and 3) the monthly STC-Carolina meets one Thursday of each month, and I don't want to have to get a sub for myself every time I want to attend one of those.

I thought I would venture out to Trailer Park Prize Night tonight at Flex, but I wanted to take a nap first. I lay down in the bed at 10:00, couldn't fall asleep, so read (actually finished) Two Little Girls in Blue before dozing off.

I woke up at 2:40AM. Oh well. (Sorry about that, Alex!)
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