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Didn't love the guy, a morning of meetings, a big lunch, and a night in...

~Tuesday~ This morning at 8:00 was my appointment with my new dermatologist. This is the doctor that my GP, whom by now you know I love, recommended to me back when I saw her in May. Yes, I finally got around to making an appointment with him.

This is what I wrote about him in the blog entry of the day of my physical: "[My GP, Amy] has the best referrals. I've yet to go to one that I haven't loved. She also gave me a referral to a dermatologist, which I really appreciated. She said, 'This dermatologist will actually talk with you.'"

Okay, so I can no longer make the claim that I've yet to get a referral from her that I haven't loved. Didn't love this guy. He didn't "actually talk" with me. It was strictly business, and I asked all the questions. I was disappointed. He was competent. At least.

The nicest person there was the nurse who actually did the snipping of the ugly growths that insist on invading older bodies, and as I was leaving I said to her, "You've been the nicest person here, and I appreciate you." Paying affirmations forward.

I had to catch the 8:45 bus, which put me to work at 9:15. My department, which consists of me, my officemate and my boss, accommodated my schedule by starting our 9:00 meeting at 9:15 when I got there. I appreciate that. My boss brought in fresh figs from a tree in her backyard, and I ate my first fresh fig. Not bad, although the very middle of its insides did slightly resemble a vulva. Not that there's anything wrong with a vulva.

The rest of my morning was consumed with meetings, too—one from 10:00-11:00 (a department meeting of one of the departments on my beat), followed by one from 11:00-12:00 (Student Email Initiative Implementation Team meeting).

Since I hadn't had any breakfast, I gorged myself at Two Guys' Lunch Buffet (salad and pizza) for a late lunch. I also commented on a not harsh, but not really favorable review of the play, an adaptation of Henry James' The Turn of the Screw, that we saw last Thursday. Here is my rebuttal:

James' original novella is an exploration of the rhetorical device known as the unreliable narrator (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unreliable_narrator).

Ironically (or perhaps brilliantly intentional), by the time I finished this review, I was questioning the reliability of the (critic as) narrator. After reading the final sentence, I wondered, "Is that what he really thought about the play, or did he say everything to set up an opportunity to use the line, 'The result is a show that may seduce us, but never fully consummates the relationship.'?"

Personally, I found both actors superb, as well as effective in setting up the doubt in the reliability of Dana's character as the narrator. Dana Marks never ceases to amaze me in her ubiquitous and diverse undertakings.

by nematome • Raleigh • 11 Aug 2009, 1:49pm •

I had a über-productive work day, and after sending an email to two people I did work for, I received these two professional affirmations:

  • From Verna: "You are wonderful... always delivering the best!"

  • From Connie: "You rock! Thank you soooo much!!!"

After a quick visual check to confirm that it was indeed the #12 and not the #4, I hopped on the 6:00 #12 Method Road Outbound bus for an uneventful ride home.

After dinner, I had a nice instant message conversation with Robert, and then a short one with Joe. I thought he was going to twist my arm (an entire millimeter) to go out tonight, since he's off tomorrow, but he'd had a long day and it was already late by the time we talked.

I was just as happy to have not been talked into it, as I spent the rest of the night doing some volunteer work for the Manbites Dog board of directors, setting up some web space to organize the management of our—soon to be—monthly board meetings.
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