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Back from the beach, a Mariah Carey workout, and some karaoke...

~Sunday~ Once again we were up at 9:00. Robert was a dear and ventured to the lobby to wade through the mob and bring breakfast back to our room. Thanks, my sweet!

We were on the road by about 10:40, and we had an uneventful ride home, which actually took less than two hours. Yay!

I made it to the gym in late afternoon, where I did 300 (15 sets of 20 reps) ab crunches, followed by 40 minutes on the elliptical machine for a 710-calorie cardio workout. As usual, I went through my self-talk about stopping after 30 minutes, but then extending it when the time neared. I listened to some Mariah Carey CD while I worked out today.

I walked out of the gym into the 91-degree sauna that it still was outside at 6:30 at night.

I met Joe at Flex for Karaoke at 9:30. When I got there, I saw the guy who took our lunch order at Arby's in Wilmington on Friday and had said as we were waiting for our order, "I'll be so glad when my shift ends tonight. I'll be heading up to Raleighwood for the weekend." And so he did.

I made myself leave there by midnight, as I've been dragging ass at work the last couple of Mondays from being out too late.
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