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A containerless pot of coffee, a badass on the bus, and The Turn of the Screw...

~Thursday~ It has happened twice now in the past couple of weeks, so it's time to make a serious mental note that these two morning tasks, described here with the rhetorical device known as an unordered list:

  • Put coffee on

  • Get thermos out of briefcase from yesterday to put it in

really requires an ordered list, and it should be ordered as such:

  1. Get thermos out of briefcase from yesterday

  2. Put coffee on.
That would ensure that said thermos would actually be in the briefcase and not still sitting at work on my desk when it's time to pour the brewed coffee into it. This morning I had to leave four freshly made cups of coffee in the pot as said vessel was not available to accommodate it.

On the bus, a very hot white guy sat in the seat next to me, across the aisle. He sported blond hair in a buzz cut, a blue and white bandanna wrapped around his head, a diamond stud earring the size of just under a dime—which made me think it was really cubic zirconium—in the ear I could see, and a sexy blond stubble-length goatee. His arms were muscular with virtually no hair, and his legs were actually on the thin side with just a little hair—blond of course.

I'm not sure why one would wear a bandanna with a crew cut, but if it was to hide a scar, this instance would have been a FAIL. When he turned away from me, I saw a huge, deep scar on the back of his head, so deep that it looked a little bit like a folded area in his head.

He had a tattoo across the top of his hand, which did two things: (1) made me cringe at the thought of how much it must have hurt to get there, and (2) which I eventually was able to make out was the word written in cursive, "Quincy." On his other hand, around the side of the thumb and starting up his wrist were two figures juxtaposed that at one angle looked like dog bones, but at another angle looked like women's torsos and breasts. I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess that they were the latter.

Overall he exuded badass.

I had two meetings today, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. In the morning meeting, there was a colleague with whom I've never met, and I went back and forth between thinking she was a very angry person and a very passionate person. I did not dislike her.

At lunch time, I returned my Kindle 2 to a customer service person who just didn't "get it." And by "it" I mean customer service.

My afternoon meeting was our weekly 1.5-hour working staff meeting, and mercifully it lasted only an hour.

Robert arrived at 7:00, and shortly thereafter, we left for the Kennedy Theater downtown, where we met Myra, James, Susan, Paul, and Tyler to watch Dana Marks star in The Turn of the Screw.

Dana is an absolutely amazing performer in my book, and she didn't disappoint in this very, very interesting adaption of Henry James' novella. I really, really enjoyed this production.

Back home, I finished Mary Higgins Clark's All Through the Night. To no one's surprise, least of all mine, all mysteries were solved brilliantly and all characters lived happily ever after. Gag me with a spoon.
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