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Abandoning a book, food prep, dancing, and mmmmmm...

~Saturday~ I did something today that I rarely do, and I'm going to be okay with it. I logged into the Wake Country Public Library system, and canceled the copy of The Audacity of Hope that I'd requested and is now available for me, as I've decided not to finish it. The last book I abandoned was The World is Flat, and I can't remember the one before that that I didn't finish.

Actually, writing that I'm reminded of abandoning a book with a group of people—my Mostly Social Book Club. This was several years ago—we've been meeting for 15 years—and it was Jung to Live By. We started of by "de-scoping" the commitment to just the "Dream" chapter, hoping that would help us get through it, but I don't think we even finished that.

In the place of The Audacity of Hope, I've started reading something very light—one of those three Mary Higgins Clark mystery books, All Through the Night, that I got for a song at Goodwill when I was there last month looking for a Hawaiian shirt.

I spent about an hour de-seeding another large watermelon. It wasn't as big as the previous one that Robert helped me with it, and unfortunately, nor was it as sweet. It's still good, though.

After that, I browned some ground pork to use in dinner.

Robert arrived at a little after 5:00, bringing along with him the makings of a salad—a lettuce and carrots mixture, some celery, a green pepper, and a tomato. I diced the latter three items, and we had a most delicious salad accompanied by some sesame-ginger dressing.

Our entrée was pasta with that mushroom Alfredo sauce again, some sugar snap peas, and the ground pork in it. I thought the pork might make it like having sausage in it, but that didn't really work. We both preferred the dish the last time, when it had soy sauce-marinated diced chicken in it instead. The next time, I might try some actually Italian sausage in it.

Oh well. It wasn't bad. It just wasn't fantastic. And it certainly didn't stop us from eating it.

Tonight was the debut of Flex as a smoke-free bar, and surprisingly, I was a little ambivalent about it. Unequivocally the absence of smoke was the best thing evah. The problem with it was that two of our lead dancers are heavy smokers, and a couple of times they were outside in the new "smokers' patio" when a dance started.

If that continues, that's going to get old. However, I'm all about keeping an open mind about how this will develop and the smokers get used to dealing with someone moving their cheese.

Robert and I left shortly after dancing was stopped at 10:30. At home, we worked on an Indy crossword puzzle, and then <TMI>had some incredible sex</TMI>—the kind that brings to mind that Carly Simon song:

<singing>Nobody does it better, makes me feel sad for the rest.
Nobody does it half as good as you, baby, you're the best.</singing>
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