DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Meeting with Alan... and dancing!

Work continues to be more interesting these days with my ISO assignment, diversity work, and deadlines for PII drop 2 and the 4.4.1 refresh.

I worked from home in the morning. At 11:40, Courtney arrived and I helped her move a couple pieces of her furniture from her truck to Larry's truck. I went into work after that.

I met with Alan on my diversity pitch today, and he seemed genuinely interested in the results and following up the meeting with another. I will work with the managers to make the follow-up meeting during Diversity Awareness Week 2003.

I submitted a proposal to present my diversity presentation as a seminar at O&E 2003 in October in Minneapolis.

Robert arrived around 7:40, and we had coconut shrimp for dinner, which was pretty good.

We got to dancing at about 8:30, though most folks didn't show up until about 9. Joe J. returned to dancing after not being there for about 4 weeks. Always great to two-step with him.

We got home just after 11:30, snacked, did a crossword puzzle, and MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMed.

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