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Reading, a $27K painting by a 9-year-old, work, a screwy ticket order, and some reading...

~Tuesday~ An uneventful ride in this morning. I read The Audacity of Hope on my Kindle the entire way. Still never going to finish by Friday, but later in the day, I went ahead and requested a copy to be put on hold at the Cameron Village Library for me. That way, when I turn the Kindle in on Friday, I can just run over there and pick up that copy to finish the book.

A child prodigy indeed. From Wilmington, NC. Some of his art today sells for $270,000. He's 17. He sold a piece for $27,000 when he was nine. (Vid: 2 mins, 11 secs)

It was a three-meeting day today at work: 1) weekly staff meeting, 2) New Student Orientation Information Fair, and 3) a meeting with a manager and colleague about the design and implementation of his new website.

The second and third meetings both involved leaving my building, that is entering the sauna that was the day. I took the bus to the Info Fair, but walked back, and I walked to the West Dunn building and back for the third meeting.

My boss brought back some killer fresh cherries after lunch from Whole Foods, where they were on sale for $1.98 a pound. Delicious.

I caught the 7:15 bus home, and just missed the rain, which didn't last long and wasn't bad at all. Most of it happened during my ride home, as it was just sprinkling when I got off at my stop.

I ordered seven tickets to The Turn of the Screw at the Kennedy Theater on August 6 at 8:00PM. When I was printing the receipt, I noticed that it said, "7 Tickets, Friday, August 7, 8:00PM." Hassle ensued to try and make it right:

  1. Called ticketing agency, who said they couldn't make a change or refund without authorization from the venue, and they didn't have contact information for the venue.

  2. Called the venue, got recording with an opportunity to leave a message.

  3. Reached the end of the message without time to finish.

  4. Used the option to re-record my message, but it kept saying, "Message erased, begin re-recording after the beep," but as soon as I started the re-recording, it cut me off saying, "You've reached the end of the recording time."

  5. Chose the "Cancel this message option," and hung up.

  6. Called again, recorded again, reached the end of message time again, so just hung up hoping that it sent as much of the message as it did record.

By the time I finished dinner—and unsatisfying selection of the Healthy Choice Café Steamers™,

I debated for an hour about going to the gym. By then it was after 9:00, and then I debated for 30 minutes about making a grocery store run. That didn't happen either.

I got to bed at 10:00, and read until about 10:30. I have to be at Joe's at 5:45 in the morning to take him to the airport.
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