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Old people food, laundry, Sound of Music gone horror, dinner with Joe, a little late night work...

~Sunday~ I was up at ten today, and had old people's food for breakfast: All-Bran, although I did add some raisins to it. Technically, I suppose, if it were real old people's food, I would have added prunes to it.

I did a mixed load of laundry today. I have always done separate colors and whites loads in my life, but this new washer and dryer I bought are both large-capacity, so I feel like I'm saving water and electricity by taking advantage of that and combining them. As one might say on mylifeisaverage.com, "I feel like I've integrated my clothing."

The Sound of Music gone horror? Oh the difference a music makes...

I absolutely loved this entry on mylifeisaverage.com today:

Today at work I dropped a computer keyboard on the tile floor. One key fell off. It was the Escape key. I think the key lived up to its name perfectly.

I read a decent amount of The Audacity of Hope today on my checked out Kindle, but it's still very highly doubtful that I will finish it before it's due again on Friday.

I met Joe at Pei Wei in Cary for dinner at 5:00. It was the first time either of us had eaten there. I have been looking forward to trying their Lettuce Wraps ever since Chili's (whose I loved) discontinued them from their menu. They only have them as appetizers at Pei Wei, so Joe and I split an order. I was disappointed, mostly because I loved the peanut sauce that came with them at Chili's, and they didn't come with any at Pei Wei. And, furthermore, when I asked for some on the side, I didn't care for theirs. It was too sweet; it tasted like there was coconut in it.

For my entree, however, I had their Mongolian Beef and I absolutely loved it. Will definitely be having a repeat performance of that. After dinner, Joe and I chatted for a while, before I headed across the street to Barnes & Noble for Mostly Social Book Club at 6:30.

Sharon was at the beach, so Mary, Suzanne, Janet, and I caught up on our lives, with just minimal talk about our current book—Anna Karenina, since I'm the only one finished with it.

After closing the place down at 9:00, I drove to work, where I took care of a couple of outstanding, nagging to-do list items, leaving there at a little after 11:30.
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