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Faux worms, synchronized seed eating, a bus fetish, a blarty, and some pool...

~Tuesday~ Today's buscapade seating chart:

Today I sat toward the back of the bus as you can see. As I made my way to my seat, I noticed Other Man leaning forward with his forehead resting on the seatback in front of him, so that I only saw the top of his head—his hair, not his face. I could also see that he had on a red shirt.

On the other side of the back seat, Gummyworm man sat in the exact same position—leaning forward and forehead on the seatback—but he had on a shirt that totally blended in with the color of the seats, so I didn't see him at first. A minute or two later, I caught some movement in that spot out of the corner of my eye, and when I quickly glanced over there, I was startled by some movement that I at first thought was a conglomeration of worms or something alive. As it turned out, it was just Gummyworm man moving his head, which made his dreadlocks shake. That's when I realized it was another person back there. Bless my mess.

Marlon and I (as opposed to Marley and me) were sitting on center-facing seats. Marlon—as in the thin, younger Marlon Brando-looking canvass suitcase-carrying passenger who you simply must know by now—was facing the lady across from him, whom I'm calling Rosa—as she was an African-American lady and she was on a bus. These were the days when she still sat in the back of the bus. Work with me here.

What was fascinating about Marlon and Rosa was that they were doing what I ended up thinking of as ebony and ivory synchronized seed eating. It was coincidence enough that I've never seen anyone eating sunflower seeds on the bus before ("There's no eating, drinking, or smoking on the CAT bus."), they were both, evidently, having sunflower seeds for breakfast, which I don't think is that common, and they were sitting right across from each other. Furthermore, they were both putting the seeds in their mouths one at a time, and they were both using the same technique with their wrist and their fist to snatch the shell after they sucked out the seed.

I made up another mylifeisaverage.com today, thinking about how cold it was on the bus yesterday. I submitted this one. We'll see if it gets published:

It was so cold when I got on the bus this morning that my nipples got instantly hard. I felt like I had a bus fetish.

I helped out with New Student Orientation again today, in the capacity of helping to staff our IT table. New students (or the parents) can ask us questions about getting connected on our campus, computers (desktops or laptops, PC or Mac), cable TV and telephone service in their dorm rooms.

One of the things that we stress all throughout our IT sessions during orientation with the students (and parents) is about illegal downloading, as our university is monitored by the MPAA and the RIAA and we did receive over 1300 complaints last year. One of the things we point out to parents is that often their child does not think they are doing anything wrong.

As if to prove this point, today one new student asked me how the monitoring worked, and when I said, "Well, typically, we get notified by either the MPAA or the RIAA that a student is illegally downloading movies, music, TV shows, etc., and we give the student a warning. If the abuse persists, then the student is removed from our network and fines can ensue," to which the student replied before walking away, "Okay, thanks. I'll stop after I get that first warning."

Somehow I don't think that was the takeaway.

I went to my Twitter friend's, @abbyladybug's "Blarty" tonight, which was celebrating her 5th anniversary of blogging. It was @cafehelios and, as you can see from this picture of the hostess with the mostest and me, I wore:

I met Joe, Alex, and Bill at Flex, where we proceeded to play many games of pool—Joe and Alex against me and Bill. Jeffrey also stopped by and I chatted with him for a while.

We laughed a lot all night long.
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