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No walking stick needed, funny MLIAs, a quote, dancing, and spotting...

~Wednesday~  I read on the bus on the way in. Uneventful.

For the bus home, I was joined at the bus stop in front of the SECU by the "Genetics-Studying Lady" and her adorable little daughter. I haven't seen them for a while, but these are the two about whom I've said before that I've never seen the mother get mad at the little girl, or even raise her voice to her.

I guess that behavior was directly correlated to being on the bus. "I said, 'Put down that stick! No, you don't need a walking stick. You have two perfectly good legs.'"

I participated in NCSU Parent Orientation again today, this time working with Jen, who's one of my favorite work colleagues. I hit the enter button on the PowerPoint slides while she presented. I helped answer a few questions afterwards.

I continue to enjoy MLIA. A few of today's favs:

  • Today on Facebook there was an ad on the side of the screen that said "Miracle teeth whitening. Only $200!!" Right below it, there was an add that said "Don't pay for white teeth!" I felt like the second company was watching out for me.

  • I bought a pair of shorts from a second-hand store for $4. When I put them on and wore them, I found a $5 bill one of the pockets. I felt as if the pants were paying me to wear them.

  • Today, I was eating oreos. There were only a couple left. I ate all but one because I was too lazy to throw the package away.

  • Today, while driving to work, I found myself surrounded on all four sides by black SUV's. For a moment, I felt I knew what the President must feel like when he went somewhere. Then they drove away and I felt like me again.

And this quote pointed to from someone on Twitter:

From the lyrics of the song, You Can Do Better by Death Cab For Cutie: "My old clothes don't fit like they once did. So they hang like ghosts of the people I have been."

Dancing was a ton of fun tonight. My knee continues to feel better and that makes dancing way more enjoyable.

Rick is easing his way back into dancing after his back injury, and I had two good two-steps with him—one-and-a-half with me leading and a half with him leading. "How can that be?" you ask. Well, we can both lead and follow. (We're ambidancestrous!) I led the first two-step, and started leading the second one. Halfway through the second one, he took over the lead.

I had a nice two-step with Joe, who had a hot, hot date with him named Al tonight, and we also did a shadow dance together. I also had a two-step with Bill, and one with Michael.

While I was dancing with Michael, we did several twirls in a row, and I started laughing when he started doing that thing with his head that keeps you from getting dizzy. I said to him, "I love when you do that with your head."

"It's called spotting," he said. "I learned it in ballet."

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