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A slug of a man, stumbling upon luxury, and cabin fever abated...

~Saturday~ I was up at about 8:30 today and had, perhaps, the laziest day I've had in years. I was feeling a little under the weather, and spent about three-quarters of the day sleeping. Just an absolute slug.

I checked my "StumbleUpon Recommended Linguistics Sites" e-mail, and a pointer to this resort in Africa reminded me of a similar resort I stayed at for my 50th birthday in Australia:

Singita – Luxury African Game Reserve
[Click on image to see more images of the resort.]
Signita African Reserve

Here's a pic of the accommodations we had at the Seven Spirit Bay Resort in the outback:

Seven Spirit Bay resort accommodations

I waffled all day about going out, but after having been in all day, I had a bit of cabin fever, so a mere millimeter twist of my arm by Joe had me on the road to Flex for a 10:00 rendezvous.

We hooked up with Alex (atorres968), and a fun night ensued. We spoke a little with Patrick, who after a while ended up with two guys on either side of him who I thought could have easily passed for brothers, if not twins. Not everyone agreed with me, but since this is my blog, I get to report it as I saw it.

DJ Spotlight was a little out of control with the spotlights in the place, one in particular that no matter how you looked at it, it blinded you. Not that we needed one iota more of smoke in the place, but the dry ice fog was welcome solely for its eclipsing effect on the spotlight.

Eventually Alex, Joe, and I made our way over to CCs, where I haven't been in forever. (I could actually go back every day in my blog to find the last time, but it truly is not that important to me.) Steve (who works out at my gym, and is kinda hot) was still working the door, and the only thing new at CCs was a third pool table they've added to the place, which I didn't even notice until right before we were leaving and Joe pointed it out to me.

I spent a little bit of time talking with Arthur, Joe and Zeke. I got the poop from Joe about why he rides the #12 Method bus when he works at North Hills. The #8 North Hills turns into the #12 Method downtown at the Moore Square station. Who knew? Joe did, evidently.

Oh, there was a Mayo sighting this evening as well. Bless his heart practically exposed by the zipper of his white leisure suit unzipped down to his navel.

I'm not sure what time we left CCs, but it was some time between 1:00 and 2:00. As we crossed the street at the intersection of Hargett and Harrington, we saw this girl flat out, passed out, in the little grassy area between the sidewalk in front of Legends and the building itself. Another girl was standing next to her, as was a cop, both just looking at the girl on the ground. Somebody is not going to have a magical morning.
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