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An airport run, Friday Latte & lunch, end of work party, and staying in...

~Friday~ I worked from home today so no bus to capade.

I dropped Robert off at Terminal 1 (US Air) at 8:40 for his 9:40 flight. He's spending a long weekend in Madison.

I met Kim, Anna, Sarah, and Brad at Helios for "Friday Latte," where we proceeded to have conversations compelling enough that a guy sitting at one table next to us said something to the effect of, "I have to say this is the most interesting conversation I've ever been not supposed to be listening to."

A lady at another table next to us said, "I'm glad I'm not the only one."

At the time, we were midway around the table each self-assessing how good of liars we were.

We had the pleasure of meeting Eleanor and Frances, Brad's daughters, who I've heard much about over the years, and whom he had with him today. I so admire the relationship he has with them and would like to think that if I'd've had kids I'd've done at least as well with mine.

It was Brad's birthday today, and we had homemade Toffee and Oatmeal cookies made by Sarah, and neon-colored frosted yellow cupcakes that I picked up at Food Lion on the way to Helios.

Sarah and I had fun showing off the mess (hers orange, mine green) the frosting made in our teeth and on our tongues, while Eleanor and Frances experimented with their (red and blue) ones on their noses and lips.

After lunch, I worked for a couple of hours from Helios and then the rest of the afternoon from home, when Helios' Internet connection started getting flaky.

I met Kim and some friends of hers at Mitch's Tavern for a gathering honoring her last day at work at USC. Even though I only knew Kim and her boyfriend Carlos at this gathering of eight, it turned out to be a most delightful time. On one side of me sat Thomas, who was very engaging, and on the other side of me sat one of the most beautiful Australians I've ever met—so my type physically (that would mean dark-haired and hairy), and just a nice person—and alas, with his wife, Holly, on the other side of him.

We got to telling jokes after the Dalai Lama on Twitter came up, when I morphed the Gandhi pun to fit The Dalai Lama. Roger really liked that one, and he told a pun about a string bean walking into a bar. To which I retorted with the cannibals eating the clown pun. Holly contributed the bees that make milk joke, and on it went with contributions by the others as well.

I got home between 8:30 and 9:00, and at various points in the evening considered going to Flex, and then later just to Legends for the midnight show, but in the end, stayed in passing on the second-hand smoke.
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