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Loud, dirty laundry; fictional mail; a quick workout; me in pearls; and an easy crossword puzzle...

~Thursday~ I read Anna Karenina on the bus on the way in this morning. I received a reminder that my book is due on Monday, and I would love to finish it without having to renew it a third time. I think it's doable over the weekend.

My only meeting today was from 2:00-3:30, and it was our weekly 1.5-hour "working team meeting," but Rhonda's on vacation this week, so it was just Jude and me. We discussed overall technical communication challenges and potential strategies—one for a short-term problem, the other for a long-term problem.

During lunchtime, I walked over to the post office and deposited the mail "from Anna Karenina" into the box in front of the building. I smiled as I deposited it.

I caught the 5:00 bus home, and the bus was unusually crowded. I really don't like loud people, particularly loud people who air their stuff in public. Think about yesterday's bus seating diagram. I took a seat in the back part of the right center-facing seat, so had Moon been sitting in her spot from yesterday I would have been to her left.

The man sitting in the first forward-facing seat on the same side, so who was basically looking at (and speaking into) my left ear, was one such loud person. Not only was this person loud, but he was facing forward and having a fight with his wife who was not sitting with him, not even sitting in the seat behind him, but sitting in the seat two rows behind him. Klassy.

I only had time for a quick workout tonight, so went directly to the elliptical machines. I did not pass the ab machines. (I took the path around the treadmills instead.) I did not collect $200.

Toward the end of my workout, on the third or fourth television to the left of my machine, I caught the 6:30 national news signing off and they were showing either a clip—or it could have been the whole thing since it was only a minute long—from that Evian commercial with the babies in it that I posted in Monday's blog entry. I had no idea whether that clip was something that was created/circulated years ago or yesterday. I guess it's kind of new.

This same sort of thing happened with regards to this video that someone pointed to on Twitter a week or two ago:

The next day it got picked up on our local news with this story: Mysterious 'sewer creature' sparks curiosity and on a subsequent day with this follow-up: Netherlands man tests 'sewer creature' theory.

I sent a picture to a couple of people who I had told on Wednesday at dancing, about the only time I've ever done drag, which wasn't to perform anywhere, but just for Halloween one year. I guess it'd be more accurate to say that I dressed up like a woman, as opposed to "did drag."

I spent two hours at the MAC counter in Belk at Crabtree Valley Mall having my make-up done by a professional for free. I told her I wanted to look like a "real woman, as opposed to a drag queen" and she tried to "soften" my face, and "give it some curves." I gave her a $40 tip when we were done. While in progress, this little girl walked by holding the hand of her daddy, and she stopped him in front of me and said to him, "Daddy, when that lady is done with him, will he still be ugly?" Such a little bitch to have such a hot daddy. But I digress...

Juanita Fererro Martino

Robert arrived shortly after I returned from the gym, and after having a dinner of leftovers from the 4th of July event we attended last Saturday, we zipped through this week's Independent's crossword puzzle. It was so much better than last week's. That is to say, that we had no trouble completing it. :-)
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