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A petit Salon, investment in the black, a good workout, MJ: the ultimate collection, & bar-hopping..

~Friday~ Five-sixths of the Salon—Sarah, Kim, Anna, Brad (in order of appearance in the slideshow)— met at Helios from 11:00 until about 1:30, where we proceeded to have an impromptu petit Salon.

Two Tweeters made an appearance at Helios while I was there, always a delight to see both—@hughlh and @abbyladybug.

I got an email from my financial advisor with my monthly portfolio performance report. Surprisingly, this is what it had to say:

From the last day in January 2009 to the last day in June 2009, the value of my portfolio has increased by $51,190. Who's counting? I'm just glad I didn't need to withdraw any money over this last tumultuous year.

I made it to the gym today before it closed at 9:00. I did 15 minutes of ab work that I know I'm going to feel tomorrow. I did 20 sets of 15 reps for a total of 300. Sarah Palin (resigning as Governor of Alaska) was on one of the TV stations (of the gazillion TVs hanging over the equipment), and I was so thankful that I couldn't hear her talking.

Why was I even looking you might ask? Well, I use the first five TVs as a help to keep track of my set count. While I'm doing the first set, I look at the number one just above the first TV, and when you do that you can't help but notice what's on the TV. At least I can't. Then for the second set, I look at TV set number two. (That's the one Missy was on.) Once I finish with set (and TV number) five, I start over, as the TVs start to get too far away after that.

So set 6 gets TV one again, set 7 TV two, etc. back to TV one again for set 11, and so on. You get the gist.

After the ab work, I did 30 minutes of intense elliptical machine work, as I'd downloaded a 135 BPM podcast from:

Podrunner Web site

I burned off 550 calories in the 30 minutes, and enjoyed some new music to boot.

Oh well, count me in the stats. I broke down and purchased my Michael Jackson music after finally "scratching and sniffing" my four $10 iTunes music cards from my friend Kevin (av8rdude) for Christmas last year. I had a hard time reading one of the numbers, but guessed correctly and was relieved of that.

I bought Michael Jackson: The Ultimate Collection—57 songs for $34.99.

I dropped by Flex at close to 11:00, a little on the late side from my normal routine. I spent a little time talking with Alex and Bill (people I will never remember in six months if I read this entry again), who introduced me to "Estefan" who is here performing in the Broadway Series South presentation of Jersey Boys, which Joe and Phil had just come from seeing. I spent some time talking with them, too, as well as Paul, Joshua and Van ("Jack and Coke" Van).

At a little after midnight, I walked over to Legends with Paul, where after paying five bucks to get in, I watched about two acts of the drag show, which was not a drag show in "The Spotlight Lounge," but the first Friday amateur contest in the dance side of Legends.

I dropped back by Flex for about ten minutes before getting in my car and heading home.
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