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Some indulgence, some errands, and some socializing...

~Saturday~ Today's entry starts off with a confession. For the last two days I've been doing something I haven't done in a long time. I've watched television.

I used to love The Practice back when it was on and I had a TV. To be precise, I guess, what I loved was Dylan McDermott playing Bobby Donnell.

On hulu.com, I watched episodes one and two of season three, which I don't remember seeing if I have, and stopped a ways into episode three, because I do remember seeing that one.

I ran a few errands today:

  1. Stopped by work to get my meds, which I left on my desk on Thursday.

  2. Stopped by Helios and finally got that gift card for @hughlh taken care of.

  3. Stopped by an undisclosed business for a gift card for a person who shall remain nameless.
From there, I went to Planet Fitness, where I was afraid some fatted calf might have been put up for a return of a prodigal son when I opened the door. No one even noticed.

I did five minutes of leg stretching, spent about ten minutes doing 225 ab crunches, and then did 30 minutes on the elliptical machine, burning off 500 calories. Who's counting? I am. I always am.

I can't tell you how tickled I was to discover that it did not hurt my knee to do the elliptical machine. Now, I could just kick myself for having putting off going back to the gym for so long. Oh well. Onward and downward.

I played around on stumbleupon.com for a while and came across this for the person who has everything (click image to order):

I met Joe out last night at Flex at around 10:00. There was nothing going on there, except a "guest DJ" playing "dance music" that no one dances to. We hung out with Steve H., Joe, Phil, Jeffrey, and Van—the guy in the military who shows up every now and then, and who always buys an inordinate amount of drinks for people, and Makers Mark in my drink instead of house bourbon. He's just a "top shelf kinda guy," I guess, as he drinks Jack & Coke himself.

For one of my drinks, the bartender poured me a tequila and diet coke instead of house bourbon. I absolutely hate tequila.

In a desperate attempt to absorb some alcohol, Joe and I walked over to The Borough, where we had some cheese fries. After a few minutes there, Jeffrey joined us, and he ordered some fries, too. We called it a night as soon as we were all done eating.
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