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Oven and fridge buses, homosexual demons, and more Anna Karenina...

~Tuesday~ I was totally rushed to get to the bus this morning, and only when it pulled up did I realize I didn't have my badge (a.k.a. "my free fare ticket") around my neck, nor did I know where it was. Fortunately, the driver recognized me and said, "Yeah, I know you, come on in."

It was so incredibly hot on the bus, and I thought, "This is going to be a problem all summer if these buses aren't going to be consistently air-conditioned." I debated back and forth in my mind if I had grounds to complain in terms of customer service, since I ride the bus free. In the end, I convinced myself that I did, as technically, I "earn" my free ride by working for the State.

In addition to the AC not working, the stop cord on this bus also didn't work, so on and off people would shout as if they were being saved, only saying "Next stop!" instead of "Amen!"

Speaking of "amen," I was absolutely both horrified and disgusted with this video pointed to by Ashton Kutcher (of all people) on Twitter:

When I see stuff like this, I can't help thinking, "How could these people believe in a God that they think would approve of what they're doing?" It also makes me think of the bumper sticker, "Lord, please save me from your followers."

I had three meetings today. Well, one meeting and two education sessions.

My meeting was our regular weekly department meeting.

The first education I attended was a "Lunch & Learn," and the topic was, "Introduction to Windows Registry," where we learned about the registry as well as how to use "REGEDIT" on it.

The second education session was a "Social Media Summit" virtual presentation that had all kinds of audio and video issues with it. It was a two-hour long event, but I left after the first hour mostly due to the frustration in trying to follow along as the audio kept going in and out.

My officemate asked me if I wanted to join her and a group in seeing a Denzel Washington movie tomorrow night, which I'm counting as an affirmation. I hated to have to say no, as tomorrow is a dance night, but I did let her know that I so appreciated the invitation.

It was as cold on the bus on the way home—as it was hot on the way in. There were about three people with some kind of mental health issues on the bus, and I was happy to be heads down in Anna Karenina.

After a late dinner, and a nice instant message conversation with Robert right before logging off my computer, I read more of Anna Karenina in the bed.

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