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A futzing around day, dinner in, some crossword puzzles, and dancing...

~Saturday~ I futzed around today, eventually getting to the grocery store at 4:00.

Once home, I made up some Clam & Cream Cheese Dip, and browned Italian Sausage that I'd bought for dinner.

Robert arrived at a little after 5:00, and we enjoyed the dip with some pretzels while I heated up the three-cheese spaghetti sauce, cooked the macaroni noodles, and steamed some broccoli.

Voilà! Dinner. That, and a side order of rolls with butter. A bite of the pasta with a bite of the buttered roll. Heavenly.

After dinner, we worked on an Indy crossword puzzle. I just love doing those puzzles with Robert. They are just challenging enough without being super frustrating, and we always manage to get down to maybe 5 or 6 that we can't complete.

Most of the times, we use the:

to try and get the final answers, but sometimes we use the Internet. And then, rarely, as we did today, we just guess at the remaining answers and say, "Done with it! Get it awf me!"

I was totally not into dancing tonight. The early crowd in particular was lame, and that guy was there smoking his nasty-smelling cigars, which stink up the entire, confined space that Flex is. ("Flex, you is a confined space!")

We beelined it out of there right at 10:30 when the dancing stopped. Interestingly enough, beelined turned out to be the answer to a clue ("Direct route") in the puzzle we worked on when we got home.

Robert, for the record, all of those guesses we made turned out to be right:

  • Spartan serf = HELOT

  • Low point = NADIR

  • Rock salt = HALITE

  • Actress Lena = OLIN

Book progress report:
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