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Traditional marriage explained, a couple of meetings, Sallah's dad, some stamps, and legalese...

I tweeted about this yesterday, so those of you who follow me on Twitter or saw it in my Facebook status (where all of my tweets end up), can just move on down the page. Nothing to see here. :-)

"America's Best Christian takes time to explain to less informed Christians the curious details of the Lord's concept of marriage." [NSFW as it contains a lot of "biblical" language.]

I was heads-down on the bus, reading. Anna Karenina continues to deliver.

I had two work meetings today, the first being our weekly department/staff/team meeting from 9-10.

That was followed by a 30-minute meeting with my colleague, Noah, in which we worked on the communicative points of the new Service Catalog Web site for our project. Productive meeting, and Noah's always a pleasure to work with.

On the way to the post office at lunch, I passed Reverie, a nearby coffeehouse, and saw Sallah, the proprietor, through the window. A couple of weeks ago we got an email at work (on the "social" list) that said, "Reverie is closed today, and there is a note on the door saying that Sallah's father died yesterday. No re-opening date is given."

I stepped inside and up to Sallah, and I extended my hand to him. "I'm very sorry for your loss," I said. He grabbed my hand with both of his and fighting back tears said, "Thank you very much. That means a great deal to me." Good people.

At the post office, from "CDO lady" (a.k.a. "OCD lady", a.k.a. "Put-the-envelopes-all-back-facing-the-same-way lady"), I purchased three 2-cent stamps and a book of the new 44-cent stamps. I asked for "Love" stamps, and she said, "We have the ones with the king and queen of hearts on them."

"I'll take a book of those," I said without seeing them, and when I did thought they were ugly as f***:
I exited through the lobby where the post office boxes are, and one of the other postal clerks was filling a box just under one of those signs that say, "Box Up at 11." I glanced at the time. Noon. I'm just saying...

I stayed in tonight, and I did a little bit of work prepping for my meeting with my lawyer tomorrow. Their office gave me a "Single No Kids Intake Form" to fill out. My general reaction to it was, "This is a lot of paper work solely to change the name of the person to whom I'm leaving my 'real property.'"

"Real property" is legalese for "your house." It means real estate. I'm changing the name of the person to whom I'm leaving my house. I'm leaving all my fake property to the real people who were already getting it in my existing will.

I read yet more of Anna Karenina before falling asleep.
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