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Kathryn's wedding, Age of Arousal @ Manbites Dog, and "lights out night" at Flex...

Robert arrived at about 12:30, and we left the house at about 1:40 for Kathryn and Mark's 2:00 wedding at Forest Hills Baptist Church over at Dixie Trail and Clark. We wound through an amazing maze inside the church to find "the little chapel in the back."

On the way in, we met two of Kathryn's co-workers, Gwen and Lola, and together the four of us added the diversity to the event—two blacks and two queers.

The wedding, although religious, was a nice, crisp 20 minutes short. In and out before the Holy Ghost could figure out what it had in its midst and snatch up our souls.

The reception was held at the Ramada Inn on Blue Ridge, and Robert and I ended up sitting next to some neighbors of the groom. We had a hoot of a time.

I danced the Electric Slide, which I hadn't done in a while and was great fun. The wedding cake was a three-tiered cake, and consisted of a choice of spice cake, chocolate chip, or vanilla. I chose the chocolate chip, which was pretty decent.

It was a longer affair than expected, so it precluded a nap before heading to Durham to Manbites Dog Theater for their 8:15 performance. Joe arrived at about 6:45 and at a little after 7:30, we left for Durham.

As is always the case, Manbites did not fail to deliver and most entertaining evening. Just love their work. Tonight we saw Age of Arousal and it was just excellent!

Age of Arousal synopsis: "Men aren't afraid of women, really, only of women in groups."

In this witty and shocking comedy of manners, five Victorian women pursue a new age where erotic and economic freedom reign supreme.

It’s 1885, and a population imbalance leaves England flooded with half a million more women than men. A former militant Suffragette battles for equal opportunity by teaching female students to master the technology of the male-dominated workplace.

But can New Ideas triumph over forbidden Victorian desires?

Jeffrey was there with his actor-friend Chris, as was Gregor, who I hadn't seen in quite the while. Jeffrey insisted on the three of us (Joe, Robert, and me) joining him and Chris at Flex afterwards.

Being a two-hour and twenty-minute play, it was quite late by the time we got to Flex, where we found it a lights-out party. We stayed for just an hour-and-a-half or so, and then headed home.

Overall, I had a very affirming day today. Affirmations included:

  • Several comments about my blog entry on LiveJournal.

  • Several comments about my blog entry on Facebook.

  • Being told by Kathryn's mother that I was a great neighbor to her daughter.

  • Being complimented on my dancing (of the Electric Slide) by a straight man on his way out

  • Being given a thumbs up to my Electric Slide dancing by Gwen (one of the other "diversity attendees")

  • Hearing "Rebecca" (who sat next to me at Kathryn's reception) that she enjoyed meeting me.

  • Having Robert join me at the wedding.

  • Being joined by Joe to attend a Manbites Dog play.

  • Being asked to join Jeffrey and his friend Chris at Flex after the play.

  • And this thank-you card, which I recently received from Casey:


    Thank you so much for your gracious hospitality, not to mention your generosity, the past two weeks. I really enjoyed spending time with you (and the rest of the gang at Flex!) during my stay. You're an amazing friend for letting me crash your pad for two whole weeks. Hope to see you again soon!

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