DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Worked late and dinner at Southpoint...

I sat in on the ISO Workshop for a couple of hours today. It's the same one that was offered a few weeks ago. I left at lunch telling Jim I'd be back tomorrow for the DOM education. We chatted briefly about rescheduling the IDD DOM audit to accommodate my bike ride. He was interested in the ride.

Back at the office, I finished up the "Home" chapter update to accommodate password reset required on restore, and started the related change to the Managing People chapter.

I posted the results of the Secondary Dimensions of Diversity survey after 5:30. I hope to hear some comments about it tomorrow.

I met Robert at Southpoint Mall for dinner. We ate a California Kitchen. I had my usual, the Thai Chicken pizza. Robert had the Peking Duck one. They were both very good.

We stopped at the Starbucks counter in the Barnes & Noble, hoping to get a caramel mocha frappacino, but it didn't look like they had them, and the girl behind the counter was working alone, and was too slow. We bagged the idea.

All quiet on the western front at home.

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