DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

It's just beachy!

We left for the beach at around 10:00AM. We had a nice ride listening to CDs as the antenna in my car is not working! Grrrr! We got an early check-in at the Holiday Inn SunSpree Resort. We had a beautiful ocean-front room. This was Robert's birthday gift to me. VERY nice!

We just had a beautiful day there. The weather was FANTASTIC. We went out to the beach, set up the chair, laid out the blanket, and then Robert went into the water. He looked so happy and carefree out there, and that made me want to be out there with him.

I joined him and we rode the waves, which was a lot of fun. One time I caught one at its highest point, perhaps just seconds too late, and it flipped me completely over. I landed straight down into the ocean floor head first, and it pushed my head down into my neck. I thought for a moment, "Oh my God; I'm paralyzed." Fortunately that wasn't the case, but it was a severe hit, and it worried me for a few hours. At one point back at the room on the deck, I had a very brief dizzy spell. Robert gave me some Ibuprofen, and that helped a lot.

We showered up, and then went to the Dockside restaurant for a cocktail on the dock. We had the best Bloody Mary's! Again, it was just beautiful there.

From there, we went to K-38, a favorite Mexican restaurant of Robert's; he had been there years ago, and remembered it being quite excellent. And indeed it was. I had the Shrimp, Bacon, and Pineapple Enchiladas. I have to say that it was the best Mexican food I can remember eating. We ate a lot of chips, so we took half our food to go -- since we had a refrigerator in the hotel room.

From there, we went to "Historic Downtown Wilmington," where the annual "Riverfest" was going on. There were a lot of booths -- the ones on one side of the street being "shop" booths, and the ones on the other side being food booths. It was about 8:45PM, and all the shop booths were closed.

At 9:00, a fireworks display started. Robert said, "I hope you like them; I ordered them up just for your birthday." And that beautiful smile of his.

He was in great spirits all weekend, and I totally enjoyed his company. We had lots of laughs:

"I think I'll take a Cher now."
<singing> "If I could turn back time."

Watching that sketch on SNL with that woman dancing on the spoof of "Beach Weekend in Ft. Lauderdale" (or whatever). She was waving her hand back and forth and sort of vibrating it. We were cracking up. Then that plastic beach ball kept hitting her in the face. LOL.

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