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34 years ago today, created the service catalog project website, did some laundry, and read...

Thirty-four years ago today, I marched in my high school's Pomp & Circumstance, graduating 4th or 5th in my class, and with my whole life ahead of me.

I devised yesterday's blog entry, picking a few favorite photos from Myra and James' wedding and resizing them to include in the post.

I worked for a good eight hours today on a website for work even though today was a holiday.

I did a load of laundry tonight, mixing both whites and colors, which I'm not usually apt to do. Just wanted to be done with it. Saved a tub-load of water, too.

Of the infamous SSS, I only did one today.

This failblog.org entry made me laugh:

Free Tacos Yesterday

This postsecret.blogspot.com entry from yesterday is compelling:

I got to bed early and read a little more of Anna Karenina. Conquering the 817-page book. One page at a time.
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