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An early morning plan change, an unfruitful runaround, and an abandoned read...

This morning's plan:

       Get up at 4:15.  ✔ 
       Leave for the airport with Casey at 4:30.  ✔ 

       Meet Robert back at my place.  ✔ 

       Go to breakfast at the Farmers' Market Restaurant when it opened at 6:00.  ✖ 

What really happened:

       Get up at 4:15.  ✔ 
       Leave for the airport with Casey at 4:30.  ✔ 

       Meet Robert back at my place.  ✔ 

       Both of us go back to bed.  ✔ 

       Wake up at 9:00.  ✔ 

       Go to breakfast at the Farmers' Market Restaurant at 9:30.  ✔ 

We had a most delicious breakfast—as is usual at the Farmers' Market Restaurant. We each had the French Toast; I had sausage patties with mine, Robert had bacon with his.

I had a totally lazy day today. I slept some more. I completed yesterday's blog entry. Later in the day, I went on what I thought would be a very short errand to find something I had in mind for a wedding gift for my friend Myra's wedding tomorrow. About three hours later, I'd:

  1. Took too long in Border's to not find a book I was looking for.

  2. Did not find what I was looking for in Crate & Barrel. They had what I wanted on crateandbarrel.com, but they had been discontinued in the Crabtree Valley Mall store. "There are 60 of them in the Charlotte store," the clerk offered. "That's nice but I'm not in Charlotte," I thought. She suggested trying Macy's, Belk's, and even Sears. As I walked away I was so tempted to ask, "Which way's Macy's?" [← listen to the first 10 seconds to resolve this allusion] but I really already knew.

  3. I looked in Macy's. "No, we don't carry those," the clerk at the top of the escalators said saving me a lot of time.

  4. I looked in Sears, where I went through all the shelves in the area of the store where it would be. Nada.

  5. I stopped in POTTERYBARN, where when I told the lady what I was looking for, where I had already looked, and where I was going next (Belk's and Williams-Sonoma) said something to me I don't believe anyone has ever said to me before. She said it patting my shoulder, "Honey, you're a little too upscale. Try Bed, Bath & Beyond or Target."

  6. I ran into Steve Moore at the mall, which is just against so many odds it's ridiculous. I go to a mall on average once a year, if that. What are the chances that during my 2009 visit, I'd run into him? 100%, evidently.

  7. Since BB&B and Target were away from the mall, I tried Belk's and Williams-Sonoma before leaving. The Williams-Sonoma lady said, "Oh, we only carry that at Christmastime. That's useless information to me now.

  8. Bed, Bath & Beyond. Nope. "We only carry that at Christmas time." I sense a theme.

  9. Target. Struck out.

  10. Since there was a Lowe's next door to Target, I walked over there and picked up two things I've been trying to get at K-Mart and Target for probably a month and haven't been successful getting: air filters for my furnace (16x25x1) and drip pans for my electric range without having to buy a gazllion (okay three) extras because of the way they are paired at K-Mart and Target.

I got in the bed at about 9:15 with the intention of reading several chapters of Anna Karenina. At 9:30, I set my alarm for 6:00AM and went to sleep.
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