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Uneventful bus rides, got my Nexium at a discount, ordered computer stuff...

I was heads down in my book, Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World, on the bus today, so didn't notice much. I did notice that the short and stout lady with whom I don't compete to pull the stop cord was not on today.

For the second time in as many months, someone (someone I went to high school with 35 years ago, no less) confided in me that their daughters have come out and asked me for advice or about how my own parents reacted to the news that I was gay. I'll take both of those as affirmations.

I had a decently productive work day today.

My officemate is on vacation this week, so I can have my hard-boiled egg without having to announce over the natural partition formed by our back-to-back desks, "If you smell something funny, it's just my hard-boiled egg." :-)

I called the Nexium folks about that discount card I had, which needed to be activated, only to find out that that offer has ended. However, they had a new offer out, and I got signed up for that. For the next 12 months, I'll pay $25 a month for my prescription instead of $50. I'll take it.

I walked for a cup of coffee with my manager mid-afternoon.

I caught the 5:00 bus home, and I stood in such a spot at the intersection of the two roads, either of which the bus could have come down, so as to make it easier to get to whichever one it ended up coming down.

It came down Brooks Avenue today like it's now supposed to, so I'm hoping the "kinks" have been worked out for this temporary (albeit until some time in 2010) road work that's going on.

I ran to K-Mart and took care of my prescription, and when I returned Casey had dinner ready—our left over pizza from yesterday. Delish.

After dinner, he helped me order more memory for both my laptop and my desktop machines, as well as a new wireless router. Yay. I hate doing that shit myself, and I really, really appreciated his assistance.

Later in the evening, Casey read some of Made to Stick and I read some of Dewey.
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