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Omelets, Lilly's Pizza, K-mart, Food Lion, some graffiti, and a night in...

I got up before my alarm this morning, which was set for 9:00. I made cheddar and (turkey) sausage omelets for Robert, Casey, and me, and had them ready when they got up. We each had a slice of toast, and Robert and I had some coffee. Along with not drinking alcohol, Casey doesn't drink coffee either.

Robert headed back to Durham a little before noon, and Casey and I spent a couple of hours online. Mid-afternoon, we headed over to Lilly's Pizza at Five Points, where we got a "Half Buddha, Half Gooda" pizza.

the Buddha
Extra virgin olive oil, organic garlic, organic baby spinach, sharp white cheddar, roma tomatoes, organic zucchini, kalamata olives, parmesan & feta

Porcini mushroom oil, prosciutto di parma, smoked gouda, fresh organic garlic, organic mushrooms, mozzarella, and parmesan.

We were quite pleased with our choices. Both of them were delicious, and we both liked the Gooda just a tad bit more.

From there we made a pit stop at K-Mart, where I once again, had an issue with picking up my Nexium, this time having to do with the "Purple Pill Savings Card" I didn't have with me last time, but remembered this time. Unfortunately, it wasn't "activated," or some such nonsense and the card center only accepts customer service calls Monday-Friday, so I'll have to take care of that tomorrow.

We grabbed some shampoo (for my guest bathroom), a bag of caramels, and a tarp to replace/cover the one on my deck furniture that is ripping apart in places.

Our final stop was the Food Lion, where we zipped in and out working from a list on Casey's iPhone that we'd made at Lilly's. We had planned our dinners for the week, made a list of what we'd need, and did some targeted shopping. Just the way we both like it.

While in there, I did have to make a "pit stop," and while using the urinal in the men's room, I looked around for something to read—as I'm apt to do—and was entertained by these two things scratched with a nail into the side of the stall to the left:

  1. I love fur pie.

  2. Fuck the KKK.

Alrighty then.

I'm sure most people have seen this ridiculous video from the National Organization for Marriage called, "The Storm" and the incredible number of parodies done about it, by now:

On LiveJournal, the spot for your profile picture is often a picture of the person's face, but some have other pics they create and use. I saw this one as somebody's today, and it cracked me up!

Casey and I spent the night in, and he helped me with a few things around the house. Actually, "helped me" is a misnomer. He did these things for me, the first item being done—I think it was—the first night he was here, if not the second:

  1. Leveled my dryer so that the door stays open instead of slowly closing while I'm trying to load and unload clothes.

  2. Tied my new tarp down on my patio furniture so that I wouldn't have to leave the recycling container sitting on top of it to hold it down, over which one section of the tarp had already blown anyway.

  3. At the top of my hallway stairs, installed my combination Smoke/CO2 Detector—which I got five-and-a-half months ago at Christmas.

  4. Hung a picture for me in my living room, which has been sitting beside my couch for probably a year.

I think he's a closet Lesbian, because that's who I usually get to do all of my handiwork. Thanks, Casey!

I worked on today's blog entry, and then did a little bit of work—just a few items I left undone on Friday. I also read some more of Dewey this evening.
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